NC-100 Nano Clean Microplate Washer


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Nano Series X MICROPLATE WASHER • Intuitive 4.3-inch colour LCD display • Fully automated washing • Low residual liquid (<1 pl) • Compatible microplates (flat, U, V and C bottom) • Accurate washing head position (0.1 mm) • Up to 1 00 programs can be set Simplify your ELISA washing with the touch of a button NC-100 Nano Clean Microplate Washer is a robust and reliable microplate washer, ideal for routine ELISA applications. It features an intuitive system with graphical 4.3-inch LCD display and USB port for data transfer convenience as well as software upgrade. It saves time with minimal operation by offering fast and fully automated washing. Minimum residual volume in each well of less than 1pl ensures efficient washing. It is equipped with liquid position sensor that offers alarm for low volume or overflow conditions. Strainer in the pipeline prevents blockage and maintains smooth flow. EACH STANDARD SET INCLUDES • 8-needles and 12-needles wash heads •3 x 2.5L wash bottles and 1 x 2.5L waste bottle For research use only. Not for use in diagnostic purposes. All images are for illustration purpose only, actual products might differ from the pictures above. Subject to technical changes. Hercuvan Lab Systems Sdn Bhd T • +6 03 8025 1603 F • +6 03 8025 1637 E • W* Bhercuvan ffl hercuvan

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NC-100 Nano Clean Microplate Washer - 2

TECHNICAL DATA Specifications NC-100 Nano Clean Microplate Washer Plate type Residual liquid Wash heads Wash method Wash volume Wash times Wash channels Programs Bottles Dispense accuracy Liquid injection accuracy Soaking and shaking time Data connection Power supply Weight Dimension (W x D x H) Permissible ambient temperature Permissible relative humidity 96-well (flat, U, V, C bottom) < 1 pl 1 x 8 or 1 x 12 heads Single point, two points or multi points 50 - 2,000 pl, (increment 50 pl) 99 times 3 100 3 x 2.5L wash bottles, 1 x 2.5L waste bottle < 2% at 300 pl CV < 1.5% at 300 pl 19 min 59...

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