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Electroprophoresis & Blotting Series SymphonyBLOT MAXI BLOTTING SYSTEM SymphonyBlot Maxi Blotting System HIGHLIGHTS Same universal tank and lid for vertical PAGE and blotting Rigid, open design cassettes maximise current transfer and prevents ‘shadow band’ formation Colour-coded cassettes prevent polarity reversal A symphony of integrated system for blotting of larger sample number SymphonyBlot Maxi Blotting System comprises all necessary components for blotting vertical slab gels. The interchangeable modular inserts mean you can use the same universal tank and lid for both electrophoresis and blotting applications. The blotting module includes 4 interlocking cassettes and 8 fibre pads with capacity for up to 4 maxi gels and 16 mini gels. Two types of wire electrodes are available – standard insert with platinum which is sufficient for most routine electrophoresis at voltages as low as 35V and Hi-Intensity insert with coiled platinum plate electrodes which is just 3 cm apart, ideal for higher voltage transfers at 200V within 1-2 hours. The detachable cooling coil can be connected to the laboratory water supply or a recirculating chiller to prevent buffer depletion and allows overnight transfers while maintaining low temperatures, crucial for protein stability especially during native transfers and high-intensity blots. The hinged rigid cassettes are easy to operate and provide even contact between gel and membrane. SymphonyBLOT Maxi Standard Blotter SymphonyBLOT Maxi Hi-Intensity Blotter For research use only. Not for use in diagnostic purposes. All images are for illustration purpose only, actual products might differ from the pictures above. Subject to technical changes. Hercuvan Lab Systems Sdn Bhd

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Electroprophoresis & Blotting Series ® SymphonyBLOT MAXI BLOTTING SYSTEM Specifications SymphonyBLOT Maxi Maximum gel size Blotting capacity Buffer volume (outer tank) Blotting cassette dimensions Running conditions Cat. No SymphonyBLOT Maxi Blotting System EB-VES-SWMAXICBS Complete SymphonyBLOT Maxi Blotting System, 20 x 20 cm: 1 x W Maxi Vertical Unit: 2 x 4 mm notched glass plates, 2 x 4 mm plain glass plates with 1 mm bonded spacers, 1 x dummy plate, 2 x combs (1 mm, 24 samples), 1 x casting base, silicone mat, cooling pack plus 1 x Blotting Module: internal blotting module, 3 x...

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