TT-10-RS-1 / TT-10-RS-2 2D Rocker-Shaker


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TT-10-RS-1 / TT-10-RS-2 2D Rocker-Shaker - 1

Table Top Series | Rockers T-JCFCU.V3.ri TT-10-RS-1/TT-10-RS-2 2D Rocker-Shaker I Data Sheet JL JL-Lab systems see-saw rocking action to achieve gentle to intensive mixing of solutions or nutrient media in vessels such as culture flasks, petri dishes etc TT-10-RS-2 2D Rocker-Shaker is installed with dual platform doubles work surface without sacrificing bench r Smooth see-saw rocking motion with fixed angle 10C Digital speed control easily adjusts from 10-80 rpm Independent digital timer control up to 99 hrs 59 min Maximum load up to 5kg for standard platform Maintenance-free, brushless DC motor provides quiet Non-slip rubber mat included Stainless steel platform for durability and easy clean r Gel staining/distaining after electrophoresis r Homogenisation of bioextraction media * Washing blots * Antibody staining All images are for illustration purpose only, actual products might differ from the pictures above. Subject to technical changes. USA Headquarters : Asia Pacific : Hercuvan Lab Systems Inc. Hercuvan Lab Systems Sdn Bhd 842288-T 2260 Rutherford Rd., Suitel 09, Carlsbad, CA 92008 USA. Revongen Corporation Center Tel. +1.858.335.8871 Fax. +1.858.240.7116 No12A, Jalan TP5, Taman Perindustrian UER 47600 Subang Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia.

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TT-10-RS-1 / TT-10-RS-2 2D Rocker-Shaker - 2

Table Top Series | Rockers T-Td*Cll VrlTl TT-10-RS-1/TT-10-RS-2 2D Rocker-Shaker I Data Sheet JL JL-Lab systems Technical Data Rocking Motion Fixed Tilt Angle (°) D rect Drive Mechanism Dgital Time Setting Platform with Non-slip Rubber Mat Overall Dimension without Platform Permissible Ambient Temperature (°C Permissible Relative Humidity (%) Net Weight with Platform Installed (kg) Electrical Supply One-level platform with flat non-slip rubber mat Two-level platform with flat non-slip rubber mat Ordering Information Catalogue Number | Description TT-10-RS-1 * 2D Rocker-Shaker, One-level...

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