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Comfortableness. Completely private. Perfectly suited for care

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A growing demand on the bed The healthcare beds of bock not only provide optimal lying surfaces, they also improve your life standard by many technical refinements. On the following pages you will find bed inserts for your existing bedroom, removable bed systems and complete comfort beds for your quite personal sense of wellbeing. A quite personal decision Sleep is an important part of our life. Relaxation, quiet and regeneration are crucial for our wellbeing. When you‘re asleep you build up new energy so that you can start the day refreshed, energetic and good tempered. With a professional...

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The comfort bed for sophisticated demands combiflex fc single bed The combiflex.fc grows with your requirements – from a bed insert to a bed. The insert frame provides you with the maximim comfort in your own bed. The retrofit wooden frame makes the bed-in-bed system to a comfort bed. You can design it individually and provide more safety with side rails – immediately and whenever you like to. combiflex fc, Widths from 80 to 140 cm, lengths from 180 to 220 cm Model fc 100, Solid beech, stained walnut, head piece with dark leather infill odel fc 300, M Solid beech, stained walnut, open-work...

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In company you sleep twice as good. T elescopic side rails on head end (optional) E very single bed can be adjusted individually D ouble bed Model fc 100, Solid beech stained in walnut colour 6 combiflex fc – 4-section lying surface, electrical adjustment from the back and foot bar, foot bar with triple function, foot-down-function, comfort-sitting-position, electrical height adjustment 39-85 cm – 90 x 200 cm or 100 x 200 cm

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The all-rounder among the healthcare beds practico The bed series practico is characterized by a huge stability and individual adjustment. You have the choice between a low version (adjustable range 25 – 80 cm) and the adjustable range 38 – 81 cm. These beds dispose serially about electrical lying surface and height adjustment as well as the comfort-sitting-position, which you can use to read or watch TV comfortably. T his is also practico: modern colour combinations, short splitted side rails - compile your individual bed

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Elegance and individuality charm the room verona and livorno The bed series verona and livorno differ in the different undercarriages. Both provide an electrical height adjustment from 37 – 81 cm for every circumstance. The lower variants of the beds provide an adjustable range of 29 – 73 cm. he verona bed ranges consists of two different bed models: T one with manual central braking and a lower version with central braking. 10 special plus on comfort provides the Livorno object bed A with a large displacement. (image with central bracket) 1

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belluno and belluno bibs You have the choice: bed-in-bed-system for your wooden conversion or the complete healthcare bed with side rails for your safety. Both systems captivates with theit huge height adjustment range of 46 cm. Fits in nearly every bed belluno Bed-in bed system

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As changeable as your needs combiflex and combiflex bibs These individual variations of the combiflex-system-kit provides serially an electrical lying surface- and height adjustment as well as the foot-down-function and comfort-sitting-position. The combiflex can be equipped with the wooden kit, consisting of end panels type 8 and continuous side rails. Fits is nearly every bed c ombiflex bed-in bed system c ombiflex bed-in bed system 14

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Quality and performance are standard domiflex and domiflex classic low The versatile domiflex product range has proven its value many times in the domestic care, and facilitates life with its electrical height adjustment and profiling of the lying surface.

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Individual and supporting – bock bedside cabinets No mattter what support you need, bock bedside cabinets provide you with many variants the comfort, that you require. Uncomplicated and individual. aluna 331 niche bed side cabinet aluna 330 with server and door aluna 340 with door 18 aluna 330 with server and deep drawer aluna 340 with deep drawer 19

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For a relaxing sleep Mattresses, lying surfaces and colours What do you expect from lying surfaces? What do you expect from spring support? Here’s a little hint: Expect more – and rely on RIPOLUX NEO. Our new spring support system ensures ideal ergonomics, maximum comfort and as a result peaceful nights.Easy handling – perfect in practice: The spring configurations can be adjusted to each patient individually. In no time, without extra tools, without distress, directly on the spot. Caregivers can breathe a sigh of relief: There will be no more heaving of heavy mattresses. W ooden slats as...

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bockfreecare – Quality made in Germany Already in the beginning of the 70s bock has specialized on lying surface systems. Since then, we improve our products further to accommodate with your individual wishes and needs. Everyone is different. Therefore you have the choice with the equipment of your bed. Here in East Westphalia, the heart of the German furniture industry, we produce your personal wellbeing-bed. That is what we mean by „quality made in Germany“.

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.bockfreecare Phone: Fax: Email: Internet: Subjected to technical modification. H ermann Bock GmbH Nickelstraße 12 33415 Verl Germany

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