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Dear customer, In deciding to buy a nursing care bed from Bock you have opted for a care product that has a long service life and delivers first class functionality at the highest safety level. Our electrically adjustable care beds guarantee optimum comfort when lying, and support professional care activities. The focus is on people who need care, encouragement and protection. We have created the basic requirements for this with our care products. We urge you to prevent potential malfunction and risk of accidents by complying strictly with the safety and operating instructions and carrying...

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1. Preamble and general information 1.1 Intended use 1.2 Definition of person groups 1.3 Safety instructions 1.5 Type label 2. General functionality description 3. Electric components 3.1 Drive unit 3.2 Locking device for all functions 3.3 Drive with level adjustments 3.4 The lockable hand control 3.5 Caution: Electrically operated drive 4. The drives 4.1 The 24 volt drives 4.1.1 The drive systems 4.1.2 The external switched- mode power supply 4.2 The drives with mains isolation 4.2.1 Dual-drive systems 4.2.2 The mains isloation 5. Assembly and operation 5.1 Design and Purpose 5.2 Technical...

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> Bock Top Advice The specification of which and how many components have to be available for the visual control, can be extracted from the relative user´s manual. Starting with chapter 5. * Bock Hazard Note In order to avoid possible damages and malfunction during the assembly and operation, the assembly and operating instruction has to be read completly. 1. Preamble and general information​ The various bed systems that are made by Hermann Bock GmbH meet the special requirements for use in rehabilitation and therapy establishments as well as for care at home. Thereby reliable functionality...

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1.1 Intended use The health care bed has been designed for the positioning of persons in need of care or patients of medical facilities as of the year of 12 and a body height of at least 150 cm. The beds are intended for use in retirement or nursing care homes, rehabilitation facilities and with respect to home care treatment. Its purpose is to provide relief from disabilities and to facilitate the care process. Furthermore, the health care bed has been developed as a comfortable solution for the care at home of frail people, people with the need of care, as well as for people with...

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1.2 Definition of person groups In the event of unidentifiable errors, malfunctions, or damages of the electrically driven bed or its accessory, the power plug should be disconnected immediately and the emergency lowering function should be enabled. Please inform the operator or the Hermann Bock support team. Operator Operators (e.g. medical supply stores, specialist dealers, facilities, and cost units) include all physical or juridical persons, who use the beds or have the beds used for medical purposes. The briefing on the use of the products shall generally be conducted by the operator....

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These recommendations are particularly important, > if the patient´s disability hinders them to operate the hand control, > if the patient or nursing staff could be at risk due to unwanted adjustments, > if the side rails are raised, so that there is a risk of crushing or getting trapped, > if there are unattended children in the room. Always pay attention that the hand control is hooked into the handle at the bed so that it cannot drop down. As a general rule, the bed should be operated by instructed nursing staff or relatives, or in attendance of instructed persons. When making...

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1.4 Type label (Example) (1) Model description (2) Date of manufacturing: Day, month, and year (3) Serial number: Order confirmation number – serial number (4) Power supply voltage; power frequency; power input. (5) Switch on time (6) Drive protection type (7) Safe capacity/ max. person weight (8) Manufacturer (9) Symbols (on the right-hand side) CE- mark in accordance with the directive for medical product IPX4 Protection of the electrical equipment against splashing water Medical application device type B Only tob e used in dry rooms Protection calss II (double isolation, protective...

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Head section Thigh section Fixed seat support Lower leg section 2 ​ . General functionality description Design configuration and functionality The lying surface and its four sections In the standard version, the lying surface comes with comfort wooden slats (may be supplemented with a metal lying surface or special suspension systems) and is made up of four sections: head section, fixed seat support, upper - and lower leg section. The complete frame of the lying surface has been welded from steel tubes and stove-enameled using a PES-powder coating. The electrical stepless variable height...

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The chassis The height adjustment of the beds can either be made via two height-adjustable actuators or a basic frame which can be operated via a single or double-drive. The surface of this steel tube construction is stove-enameled with a PES-powder coating. Fig. 6 * Bock Hazard Note Please note that the side rails should only be operated by instructed care personnel. * Bock Hazard Note When making any electrical adjustment of the lying surface, please ensure that all patient´s extremities are not in touch with the side rails. Furthermore, it is very important that, while operating the side...

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Provided, that one of the side rails is to be adjusted to the upper position so as to prevent the patient from slipping out,grasp the middle of the upper side rail and pull it to the upper side, until it locks into place at both ends. Now, the side rail is in the uppest position. Fig. 1 Fig. 2 Fig.3 ​ The main purpose of the side rails is to prevent the patient from falling out of the bed. This protection by means of the side rails does not automatically provide sufficient protection with very frail patients and therefore, it is necessary to provide further protective measures such as the...

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