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Nursing care beds - 1

Assembly and operation manual Nursing care beds • belluno • livorno low • combiflex / combiflex.fc • practico 25/80 • practico economic

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Nursing care beds - 2

Dear valued customer, with your decision to purchase a nursing care bed from Hermann Bock GmbH, you are receiving a long-lasting care product with superior functionality at the highest safety level. Our electrically operated nursing care beds guarantee optimal lying comfort and allow professional care at the same time. This product was designed with a focus on the elderly, whose confidence must be reinforced and whose life needs protection. With this health care product, we meet these requirements. We urge you to prevent potential malfunctions and the risk of accidents by complying strictly...

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Nursing care beds - 4

Preface and general instructions The various bed systems from Hermann Bock meet special requirements for the use in care and treatment facilities as well as for home care. Reliable functionality and a long product life make each bed particularly valuable. Our beds need little maintenance with proper operation and care. Each bed from Hermann Bock must pass quality testing in a final inspection before it is shipped anywhere. The beds are manufactured according to the current standards for medically used beds and tested accordingly. The beds comply with the EN 60601-2-52 standard. The...

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Nursing care beds - 5

The nursing care bed is not suitable for use in hospitals. If the nursing care bed is equipped with open wheels, the nursing care bed is suitable for the transport of patients. The nursing care bed is mobile with the patient resting in it. To prepare for this, lock the castors and move the lying surface to the lowest horizontal position. Unlock the castors and move the bed. After the transport, lock the castors. If the nursing care bed is equipped with a roller cover, the nursing care bed is not designed for transporting patients. The beds can only be moved within the patient's room - even...

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Nursing care beds - 6

care bed, these persons must be instructed according to the guidelines concerning the cleaning and disinfection of the nursing care bed. 1.3 Safety instructions The intended use/operation of all moving parts is as important for the safety of the person in need of care as well as for the relatives and the caregivers/nursing staff to avoid potentially dangerous situations. This requires the correct installation and operation of the bed. The individual physique of the person in need of care as well as type and the extent of their disability must be taken into account by all means when...

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Nursing care beds - 7

beware of objects that are located close to or even below the nursing care bed. This can lead to damages. The permitted person’s weight depends on the total weight of the equipment that has been mounted to the bed (mattresses and other electronic medical devices). For safe working load, please refer to the type plate on the lying surface frame of the bed. 1.4 Service life / warranty This nursing care bed was developed, designed and manufactured for safe operation over a long period of time. With proper operation and maintenance, this nursing care bed has an expected service life of 7 to 10...

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Nursing care beds - 8

Each nursing care bed is marked with an individual type plate. Either there is only one sticker on your nursing care bed (Fig. 1, previous nursing care bed models) or there are two separate type plates (Fig. 2, current nursing care bed models) on your nursing care bed. Type plate for previous nursing care bed models Model: xxx Date of manufacturing: xx.xx.xxxx Serial no. xxxxxxxxx-xxx XXX V — XX HZ max. X A Duty cycle xx % (x min ON / xx min OFF) Motor protection class IPX4 X=xxx kg -J-= xxx kg Hermann Bock GmtiH • Nickelstr 12 D-33415Veil/Tel. 149(0)1805/262500 Model designation...

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Nursing care beds - 9

Type plate for current nursing care bed models Model designation in German (DE) and English (EN) Serial number Item numbers Mains voltage, mains frequency, power input, Duty cycle (INT) Drive protection class Date of manufacture (year-month) Patient weight Safe working load Machine readable serial number Patient population Follow the instructions appropriate for mattress size and thickness Conformity mark according to the medical device directive Protection class II (double insulation, insulated for protection) Within the European Union, this product must be disposed via the separated...

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Nursing care beds - 10

General description of the functions Construction design and function Corrosion protection The Hermann Bock GmbH nursing care beds are developed and constructed in such a way that they can function long and safely. For this reason, all materials that may corrode are protected accordingly. All metal parts are equipped with a surface protection. The steel parts are either galvanised or stove-enamelled with a PES powder coating and the aluminium profiles are anodised. The lying surface with 4 function areas The lying surface consists as standard of a slatted comfort frame (can alternatively be...

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Nursing care beds - 11

The chassis The height adjustment of the beds is carried out via a base frame with single or double drive. The surface of the tubular steel structure is stove-enamelled with a PES-powder coating. The side rail Each nursing care bed can be equipped on both sides with two side rails at a special safety height. The side rails can be lifted and lowered through a rail. The sliding pieces run particularly smoothly and quietly with an impact damper, and each end is fitted with a functional cap. The side rail can be easily operated through an ergonomically designed release button. Depending on the...

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Nursing care beds - 12

Operating the telescopic divided side rails Each side rail element can be adjusted independently from the rest of the side rail parts. The release buttons for adjustment are on the bottom of the telescopic post and on the top of the appropriate end panel of the nursing care beds, right next to the metal guides for the side guard rail bars. To lower a side rail element, grasp the upper knob of the centre post with one hand, lift it slightly and press the release button on the centre post inwards with the other hand (Fig. 1). The side rail opens at the corresponding place and can be easily...

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