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GmbH Laborgerate Innovative - Experienced - Flexible Blue Light LED-Transilluminators > Excitation of SYBR Dyes or Ethidiumbromide through Blue Light within range of about 470 nm > No dangerous UV light is emitted > No damaging of your DNA samples * Available in 4 different sizes: * Features of the Herolab BlueLight LED transilluminators: > Homogeneous Lightning of the filter because of: • Installation of up to 450 basal, Premium quality Blue Light LEDs (in 29 78 280) • Installation of a High quality diffusor plate > Reduction of the background signal through: • Set of a special filter glass > Housing of the transilluminators is out of stainless steel though there is problem-free cleaning > Long lifetime Premium quality LEDs * Orange glasses (please order separately) as accessory: • Protection from high intensity of LEDs • Recognition of bands when working preparatively Herolab GmbH Laborgerate Ludwig-Wagner-Str. 12 69168 Wiesloch GERMANY

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