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Analysis Software E.A.S.Y® Win The analysis software E.A.S.Y® Win from Herolab is designed especially for the analysis of gels, blots, TLC- and microtiter plates as well as other templates. E.A.S.Y® Win is a high-precision and user-friendly analysis software which offers high accurateness and reproducibility and provides GLP conformity.  Results displayed in spreadsheets showing volume, calibrated volume, molecular weight, position, average intensity, integrated area, parts per million and other analysis specific information.  Automatic export of the result spreadsheet to MS Word or MS Excel with the option to transfer the image as well (or transfer as a delimiter file for export to other programs) These software packages are for research purposes only! Description Module A plus – Basic Software for Camera Control and Digitalization               Required for all other modules Camera control and integration Digitalization and file saving Import of files in various formats Cut/Copy/Paste functions Contrast and brightness correction Labeling within the image Artifact removal Grayscale adaptation (background reduction) 3-D illustration Filters (smoothing, sharpening, ...) Individual file management Language selection: German/English Factory-Default button for recovery of default settings  GLP conformity (history of source data) Modul A –Basic Software without camera control Module B – Molecular Weight and Volume Analysis        Management of molecular weight standards Multi-Lane detection Smiling-Gel correction Histogram display with manual peak editing Graphic display of lane separation 3-D display of single scanned bands „Quick“ labeling of molecular weight within the image  Identification of equimolar parameters  Parts per million feature ANALYSIS SOFTWARE All products built by Herolab carry the CE sign. Herolab has its own Quality Mangement System which is according to ISO 9001. Herolab reserves the right to change technical specifications without prior notice. Herolab GmbH Laborgeräte Ludwig-Wagner-Str. 12 69168 Wiesloch GERMANY

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Module C – Spot 2-D Analysis of Single Volumes  Quantification of various patterns (gel bands, spots, dots, ...)  Determination of relative amounts (optical density)  Determination of concentrations with graphic display of the calibration curve  Parts per million feature  Calibration function  Management of scan parameters (management of individual settings)  3-D display of scanned areas 28 09 414  Selectable template matrix for all formats (48, 96, etc.)  Calibration function  Variable numbering of scanned spots  Parts per million feature  Management of scan parameters...

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