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Germicidal lamps – UVGI (Ultraviolet Germicidal Irradiation)      Degermination of the air or of surfaces through Ultraviolet Germicidal Irradiation 15 Watt, 30 Watt, 55 Watt, 60 Watt, 110 Watt – 16 Models With or without reflector Suitable for mounting on ceiling or wall or can be used with a stand Higher Safety with Remote Control Safety Advice: UV-C-Irradiation is very dangerous for your eyes and skin. Always wear adequate protection, urgently keep your eyes and skin covered. UV Full Face Protection All products built by Herolab carry the CE sign. Herolab has its own quality management system which is according to ISO 9001. Herolab reserves the right to change technical specifications without prior notice. Herolab GmbH Laborgeräte Ludwig-Wagner-Str. 12 69168 Wiesloch GERMANY

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Germicidal lamps are always equipped with UV tubes that emit UV-C. The ones used in our models are low-pressure tubes which emit light of the wavelength of 254 nm. According to the literature, this wavelength range is very well suited to inactivate bacteria, viruses and fungi or spores. The high-energy UV-C light destroys the DNA or RNA structure (genetic material) of the microorganisms and this way they are killed or inactivated. The inactivation is dependent on the dose (intensity x time). The intensity of the light is higher with shorter distance. The letal effect varies immensely for...

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Laborgerate Models (220-240 Volt, 50/60 Hz):❖ For your safety we recommend to choose models with remote control (C models). Cat. No. ❖ All models without remote control also are available in 110-120 volt versions. The Floor stand on rollers is not included in the price and must be ordered separately (max. height: 1.80 m). All mentioned models are suitable for ceiling or wall mounting (Delivery incl. set for wall mounting, hole spacing: LK-15: 51 cm, or for floor stand on rollers (max. height 1.80 m) Note: From approx. 2.5 m room height, the suspension with a chain from the ceiling is...

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Remote Control for your safety (not with all models - see page 3): • Wireless remote control (433.92 MHz) battery operated (batteries included) • Max range of 30 meters (receiver can be controlled with up to 6 remote controls) • 15 channels for any number of lamps/lamp groups • 8 timer functions can be stored per channel • 3 operating modes for the timer function: o Daily: The timer turns on and off daily at the preset times. o Once: The timer turns on and off once. o Random: The timer switches on and off daily for random intervals. - Caution: UV light! UV-C (254 nm) 15 Watt / 30 Watt / 55...

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