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Microliter Centrifuges with and without refrigeration

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t microprocessor controlled -r especially for microliter tubes maximum capacity: 30 x 2.2 ml or 12x10 ml AOR tubes with screw cap * 6 angle rotors, 1 swing-out rotor, 1 microhematocrit rotor * speed: 500 - 16,000 rpm / 22,000 rpm, in steps of 100 rpm ^ g-force (RCF): 20,464 x g / 37,878 x g, in steps equivalent to 100 rpm ^ Audible signal at end of run and with failure message ^ timer: up to 60 min, in 1 min increments, on request up to 999 min. t HOLD for longer runs / PULSE for short runs ^ 9 acceleration and deceleration ramps maintenance free, brushless induction drive stainless steel...

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Microliter centrifuge MicroCen MR - 3

Vials Reaction Vials Reaction Vials Reaction Vials Reaction Vials Reaction Vials Angle Rotors ( H with hermetic sealing lid) Cat.-No. Type Max. Capacity Angle Max. Speed Max. g-Force Max. Speed Max. g-Force Accessories for Rotors TF 12.2, TF 18.2, TF 24.2, TF 30.2 and TS 24.2:Tubes 2.0-2.2 ml 1.5 ml 0.5-0.7 ml 0.25-0.4 ml 0.2 ml Tubes 0 x Length (mm) 11/13 x 40 mm 11/13 x 40 mm 8/10 x 28-31 mm 0 6 mm PCR® Tubes T ubes not available conical with lid T ubes not available T ubes not available T ubes not available from Herolab PP: 25 20 50 from Herolab from Herolab from Herolab Necessary...

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Microliter centrifuge MicroCen MR - 4

Specification Catalog No. (230V, 50/60 Hz, 1 Phase) Maximum Capacity Maximum Speed Max. g-Force/RCF (depending on rotor) Minimum Speed Rotor Detection Program Memory LCD Display for current and preset values User Interface Operating panel with buttons and one rotary knob Preset Time Up to 60 minutes in steps of 1 min., on request up to 999 min. „HOLD“ for longer runs / „PULSE“ for short runs Preset Speed From 500 rpm to max. speed in steps of 100 rpm Preset g-Force/RCF With increments equivalent to 100 rpm Drive System Direct self-centering drive system with brushless induction motor Speed...

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