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Spot Hunter Picking Robot Robotic System with integrated fluorescence detection unit for automatic extraction of selected protein spots after 2-D electrophoresis Spot Hunter is the new generation of proteomic workstations offering utmost flexibility, accurateness and reliability on minimal footprint. Two versions are available: Standard Type: gel size up to 300 x 240 mm picking area: 285 x 205 mm For work with one microplate High Throughput Type: gel size up to 330 x 280 mm picking area: 300 x 250 mm For work with four microplates The combination of the essential steps of proteomic analysis...

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Picking Robot pot HunterThe models: Catalog No. Description Picking Area Gel Size 35 00 100 Spot Hunter - Standard Type 285 x 205 mm up to 300 x 240 mm 35 00 300 Spot Hunter - High Throughput Type 300 x 250 mm up to 330 x 280 mm A unique feature of the Spot Hunter is the simultaneous and speed-conform suction of the spot during the downward movement of the needle. Depending on the gel quality, the cylindrical shape of the punched-out spot will not be damaged. Rinsing of the needle can be preset. The software easy4science is GLP conform. (It will be supplied with a High Power Windows...

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Specifications pot unter pot unter Standard High Throughput Max. Gel Size Picking Area Imaging and picking unit On-board; for one or four (High Throughput Type only) microplates with 96 or 384 cavities (wells) Working speed Extraction of 96 spots in less than 20 minutes Extraction needle Inner diameter: 1,9 mm, Outer diameter: 2,4 mm, other sizes on request New: Scientific Grade CCD-camera with 5.0 Megapixels, cooling -30°C below ambient temperature, Color camera, 12 bit Five-position filter wheel is included, emission filters must be ordered separately Aluminum corpus with leveling feature...

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