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Bacteria filter

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Bacteria filter Description / Place of application Bacteria filter In order to avoid contamination, the bacteria filter has to be installed between the injector or vacuum regulating unit and the secretion-collecting jar. Thanks to the special treatment of the case surface and the silicone sealings, the bacteria filter has a good chemical resistance Filter membrane The filter material is made of PTFE (Teflon ) with a pore size of 0.2 µm. Its permanent hydrophobe effect prevents humidity from getting into the evacuation equipment. Place the white filter membrane into the case and make sure that it is not folded or wrinkled. Disinfection and cleaning Before each application, the bacteria filter has to be autoclaved at 134°C. For evacuation purposes, the filter membrane has to be replaced or cleaned when the suction resistance rises notably, but after 3 days at the latest. When using the filter for inhalation purposes (filtration of dry gases), the filter membrane should be replaced or cleaned once a week. Each filter insert can be autoclaved up to 10 times. The adjusting ring can be used to mark the number of autoclavings per filter insert. For this purpose, place the adjusting ring into the position “1” after the first autoclaving. After each autoclaving process, the ring is placed into the next higher position until you have reached number “10“, which means that the filter insert has to be replaced.

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Bacteria filter Bacteria filter case compl. without filter membranes Article No.: 033-1020 Adjusting ring to mark the number of autoclavings per filter insert. Plug for bacteria filter case Article No.: 033-1021 Cover for bacteria filter case Article No.: 033-1022 Membrane filter - set (1 pack = 10 membranes) Article No.:033-1030 Sealing set for bacteria filter case Article No.: 033-1040 For more details on our products, please refer to There you will also find the complete instructions for use as downloads. Or you can contact us directly: Phone +49 (0)2603-2004 / Fax...

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