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Secretion - collecting jar

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HEVER'B AEROTECHMedizinische Gasversorgungssysteme Secretion-collecting jar Description of functions Secretion-collecting jar:    The secretion is collected in the secretion-collecting ja which has been equipped with a float ball to prevent it from overflowing. Once the maximum filling height has been reached, this float ball will lock the connection to the compressed air injector / vacuum regulator. The scaling on all secretion-collecting jars is only meant as an approximate value without measuring function. Disassembling For disinfection, cleaning or sterilisation purposes, screw off the bottle and empty it. Manual disinfection and cleaning All those parts which get in contact with the patients’ breathing air have to be disinfected in any case. • Put the corresponding application elements into the disinfecting bath; the exposure time will depend on the type of disinfecting agent which is used (see the package insert of the disinfectant). • Take the elements out of the disinfecting bath and rinse them with running sterile water. • Dry the cleaned elements. Please make sure that there is no humidity left in the apparatus. • For those parts which do not get into contact with the patients’ breathing air wiping disinfection will be sufficient Mechanical disinfection and cleaning Please make sure that you only use non-aggressive detergents, for example „neo disher MA“, „neo disher FA“ or similar products. Sterilisation The bottles / jars can be autoclaved at 134° C. Disposable application elements must not be autoclaved (see order data).

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Size 1.0 l Size 2.0 l Size 3.0 l Secretion-collecting jar – rail with bayonet joint

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Secretion-collecting jar 1.0 l Jar-carrying rack 6600265 Spare jar 1.0 l with thread 6600251 Secretion-collecting jar compl. 0.3ltr (safety jar) 660-0275 Spare jar 0.3 l with thread 6600276

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HEVER'B AEROTECH Medizinische Gasversorgungssysteme Secretion-collecting jar Spare parts 3) Upper part -secretion-collecting j ar No illustr.: Sealing set for secretion jar with Article No.: 623... 3) Secretion overflow device    660-0252 4) Angled hose neck long „Pat“    043-3005 5) Angled hose neck short„Vac“    043-3006 For more details on our products, please refer to There you will also find the complete instructions for use as downloads. Or you can contact us directly: Phone +49 (0)2603-2004 / Fax +49 (0)2603-4020 / E-Mail office@,

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