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pipetus The sum of all possibilities when it comes to pipetting ® pipetus® combines many years of experience, innovative technology and superior-quality materials. Charging and dispensing of the medium is realised at the press of a button. Exact meniscus configuration is enabled through fine dispensing valves with valve pins made of ceramic compound. The valves are free of wear and offer maximum chemical resistance. An exact and continuously adjustable pumping and suctioning speed can be selected for both filling and venting within five precisely harmonised performance stages. The...

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Suitable for every pipette type pipetus® is designed to allow its individual adaptation to the current working situation. When working with a pipette calibrated for EX, select the “EX” position with the “Mode” key. The motor remains deactivated during discharge, the volume pipetted is forced out exclusively by the weight of the medium, as is required from a pipette calibrated for EX. The motor is activated automatically during discharge in the “Blow Out” position. The pipette is blown out with motor assistance. The colour display on top of the unit provides clear, reliable and Comprehensive...

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Reliable, efficient, ergonomic With its informative colour display, intelligent charging technology and extremely sophisticated ergonomics, pipetus® shows how reliable, efficient and comfortable pipetting can be. Pumping and suctioning speed can be selected exactly and continuously in five precisely harmonised performance stages. From 0 to 50 ml in 6.9 seconds - the rapidity of the pipetus® is the result of innovative technology which considerably enhances the degree of efficiency of the available motor power. This shortens the filling time and ensures that venting is realised in a flash....

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Everything under control The colour display shows the most important functions at a glance. A simple glimpse is enough to recognise whether the motor is set at “EX” or “Blow Out”, which speed level is configured and the charging status of the battery. Pipetting mode is selected with the “Mode” key. The desired suctioning speed can be configured from among five speed levels with the “Speed” key. The rapid charging technology ensures a long battery service life. A memory effect or overcharging of the battery are ruled Venting occurs automatically at the highest motor power, provided no other...

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pipetus® standard Additional safety for special surroundings pipetus® provides the best prerequisites for working with toxic reagents or in clean room technology through the separation of the electric pump and hand-held unit. Further sophisticated product details guarantee precision, reliability and a long service life. Highly accurate pipetting is enabled through fine dispensing valves with valve pins made of ceramic compound. A safety valve prevents the penetration of liquid into the interior of the unit. Overview of details • Light hand-held unit with external pump • Highly accurate...

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pipetus® junior is distinguished as a manual pipette filler by superior quality details and its ergonomic shape. In contrast to other manual techniques, pipetus® junior enables the defined suctioning of the pipetting medium. A single press of the pump button suctions approximately 2 ml in each case. Pressing it several times multiplies this volume. The hydrophobic PTFE diaphragm filter is a standard feature that provides integrated overflow protection. Volumetrically accurate pipetting through exact dispensing of the pipette contents is also controlled by the press of a button in the...

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Award-winning design and handling excellence. pipetus® has been nominated for or numbers among the winners of the following prizes: 2006 – German Design Award (Designpreis Deutschland), Design Council – nominee Award-winning quality pipetus® convincingly represents the design philosophy behind laboratory units from Hirschmann. Innovative functions, ergonomically optimised handling and impressive styling complement each other to form a design which can also attract attention at international design competitions. Hirschmann laboratory devices are regularly among the nominees or even winners...

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pipetus® High-class in pipetting

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Hirschmann Laborgeräte GmbH & Co. KG Hauptstraße 7–15 • 74246 Eberstadt Germany Fon +49 7134 511-0 • Fax +49 7134 511-990 www.hirschmannlab.de • info@hirschman

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