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Product information mzr-2505 ■ High performance pump series Description The micro annular gear pump mzr-2505 covers the flow rate range 0.0015 - 9 ml/min. To the main assets of the device belong high precision, low pulsation, low volume dosage even of non-lubricating liquids or at high pressures, compact design and an integrated microcontroller. The pump allows dosage in a broad viscosity range and shows small, economic dimensions. The mzr-2505 targets applications in industrial production and process technology. The pump has been designed for continuous delivery and discrete dosage of water, watery solutions, solvents, methanol, oil, lubricants, adhesives, inks and paints as well as other high viscosity liquids. Advantages ■ High dosage precision precision CV < 1 % at low volumes ■ High differential pressures achievable also for low viscosity liquids ■ Compact dimensions length 140 mm, including controller ■ Broad viscosity range methanol, water, solvents, adhesives, grease, gel ■ Low pulsation delivery, low shear stress rotary micro annular gear technology ■ Long service life wear-resistant tungsten carbide ■ Precision motor and sophisticated control DC-servomotor with integrated microcontroller Applications ■ Spray technology ■ Dispensing of adhesives ■ Ink and paint dosage ■ Vacuum applications ■ Chemical processing ■ Industrial and plant engineering ■ Packaging ■ Medical and pharmaceutical industry ■ Mini plant technology

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■ Reduction gear ■ Heat insulation module ■ Double shell heating module ■ Reservoir Plastic ■ Electrical heating module ■ mzr-Touch Control

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Dimensions mzr-2505 F (Fluid connection 1/4"–28 UNF, frontal) Dimensions mzr-2505 S/F (Fluid connection 1/4"–28 UNF, frontal; inlet 1/8" NPT internal thread, lateral) Flow charts

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Patents and trademarks Micro annular gear pumps (and housings) are protected by assigned patents: EP 1 354 135 B1; US 7,698,818 B2; DE 10 2011 001 041 B4; CN 103 348 141 B; US 10,012,220 B2; CN 103 732 921 B; US 9,404,492 B2; US 6,520,757 B1. HNPM®, mzr®, MoDoS®, p-Clamp®, pDispense®, Centifluidic Technologies®, LiquiDoS®, smartDoS®, ColorDoS® are registered German trademarks of HNP Mikrosysteme GmbH. HNP Mikrosysteme GmbH Bleicherufer 25 19053 Schwerin Germany

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