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Armeo®Senso - 2

The ArmeoSenso is based on a decade of clinical experience with the Armeo product line in combination with established Hocoma sensor-technology. HIGHLY INTENSIVE ARM THERAPY Self-initiated, active, motivating, and repetitive arm movement in a 3D workspace for patients with mild to moderate impairments. VERSATILE AND EASY-TO-USE Easily adaptable to different settings and safely operated by patients.

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Armeo®Senso - 3

COMPACT AND USER-FRIENDLY DESIGN Mobile, portable with intuitive user interface and workflow. OPTIMIZED EFFICIENCY Enables group settings and Extra Time settings to maximize therapy time. HAND MODULE A hand module allows the patient to interact with the Augmented Performance Feedback through gripping function. OPTIONAL ARM WEIGHT SUPPORT - SAEBOMAS MINI A table-mounted mobile arm weight support provides an adjustable functional assistance during the exercises. PART OF A MODULAR THERAPY CONCEPT The ArmeoSenso is part of the unique and modular Armeo Therapy Concept, the world's first...

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Armeo®Senso - 4

WHAT EXPERTS SAY Stefan Ortmann Occupational Therapist, Kliniken Valens, Switzerland The ArmeoSenso is very easy to use and setup time is surprisingly short. This will enable therapists to be more efficient and patients to train for more time. We also expect patients to be able to train by themselves or with very little amounts of supervision. Prof. Alberto Esquenazi Chief Medical Officer, MossRehab, USA I am looking forward to having the ArmeoSenso available at MossRehab and I am confident that it will be a great addition to the Armeo Therapy Concept. The application of Hocoma’s...

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Armeo®Senso - 5

Self-Initiated, Active, Repetitive Training Hand Module (with Motion Sensor) for Hand Interaction Augmented Performace Feedback 3 Motion Sensors (2 on the arm + 1 on the chest) TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS • 6 degrees of freedom (shoulder: flexion/ extension, horizontal abduction/ adduction, internal/external rotation; elbow: flexion/extension, pronation/ supination; wrist flexion/extension) • Compensatory movements of trunk detected • Extensive library of functional and motivating exercises in 1D, 2D and 3D • Assessments for analysis and documentation of patient progress • Further technical...

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Armeo®Senso - 6

We offer efficient solutions and services with advanced technologies for human movement therapy across the entire continuum of rehabilitation: from severe to mild impairments and from acute treatment to continuous training at home. All our solutions are developed, manufactured and continuously improved in close cooperation with researchers, clinical partners and customer feedback. Discover our extensive portfolio of Arm and Hand Solutions. All content is subject to change without notice. © Hocoma AG, CH-ArmeoSenso-180504 EN ARMEOPOWER The world's first robotic arm exoskeleton for...

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