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Armeo®Spring - 1


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Armeo®Spring - 2

By providing arm weight support, the ArmeoSpring enables patients to use any remaining motor function and encourages them to achieve a higher number of reach and grasp movements based on specific therapy goals. Also available as ArmeoSpring Pediatric for children to support functional therapy for patients at the age of about 4-12 years who have restricted function in their upper extremities. LEARN FROM YOUR PEERS! For more information about Clinical Evidence, Education and Experiences with Hocoma solutions visit

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Armeo®Spring - 3

SIMULTANEOUS ARM AND HAND THERAPY IN A 3D WORKSPACE The ArmeoSpring allows simultaneous arm and hand training in an extensive 3D workspace with six degrees of freedom. INCREASED THERAPY EFFICIENCY The ArmeoSpring enables therapists to deliver higher training efficiency (more hours per day) thanks to self-directed therapy, which may lead to better long-term outcomes. ERGONOMIC EXOSKELETON The ergonomic and adjustable exoskeleton of the ArmeoSpring embraces the whole arm, from shoulder to hand, and counterbalances the weight of the patient's arm. OBJECTIVE ASSESSMENTS The ArmeoSpring...

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Armeo®Spring - 4

WHAT EXPERTS SAY Prof. Dr. Volker Hömberg Neurology Director, SRH Gesundheitszentrum Bad Wimpfen, Germany Recovery after brain injury is still not fully understood, but we know one thing for sure: training intensity is the biggest driver of neuroplasticity and motivation is an absolutely crucial element of successful rehabilitation. Armeo supports this in the best possible way. Thanks to Armeo training, our patients are motivated to achieve a higher number of repetitions. In the long run, they will achieve a faster recovery and improved outcomes. WHAT PATIENTS SAY Hans-Jürgen Bischofs...

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Armeo®Spring - 5

Arm Weight Support in an Extensive 3D Workspace Objective Assessments Augmented Performance Feedback Hand Function Training Self-Initiated, Active, Repetitive Training Ergonomic Exoskeleton • Device’s dimensions [L × W × H]: 0.8 m × 0.8 m × 1.38 m (31.5 × 31.5 × 54.33 in.) • Weight: approx. 82 kg (180.8 lb.) • Electric lifting column for comfortable height adjustment (range: 400 mm / 15.7 in.) • Continuous adaptation to patient’s dimensions –– forearm lengths (elbow to handgrip): 290 – 390 mm (11.4 – 15.4 in., 230 370 mm for ArmeoSpring Pediatric) –– upper arm lengths (shoulder to elbow):...

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Armeo®Spring - 6

We offer efficient solutions and services with advanced technologies for human movement therapy across the entire continuum of rehabilitation: from severe to mild impairments and from acute treatment to continuous training at home. All our solutions are developed, manufactured and continuously improved in close cooperation with researchers, clinical partners and customer feedback. Discover our extensive portfolio of Arm and Hand Solutions. ARMEOPOWER The world's first robotic arm exoskeleton for integrated arm and hand therapy for severely impaired patients. ARMEOSPRING The preferred...

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