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Armeo Therapy Concept Research - 2

1 The Armeo Therapy Concept is one of the most investigated approaches for upper extremity rehabilitation 2 The Armeo Therapy Concept can be safely and effectively conducted in several patient groups 3 Technology-assisted arm training improves activities of daily living, arm function and arm strength 4 Fifteen randomized controlled trials report positive results 5 The arm weight support maximizes the patients' motor functions 6 The Armeo Therapy Concept allows increased training intensity and repetitions 7 Training with Armeo devices provides long-term benefits 8 Augmented Performance...

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Armeo Therapy Concept Research - 3

10 The Armeo Therapy Concept covers the continuum of care • ArmeoPower • ArmeoSpring, ArmeoSpring Pediatric • ArmeoSenso 11 The Hocoma Knowledge Platform: find all available literature in one place!

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Armeo Therapy Concept Research - 5

• The Armeo Therapy Concept is included in 144 research articles published in peer-reviewed journals from independent research groups worldwide (as of January 2019). • These studies include 17 randomized controlled trials (RCTs), 53 clinical trials other than RCTs, 40 reviews and guidelines and 31 technical papers. PEER-REVIEWED PUBLICATIONS 160 Figure 1: Interest in the Armeo Therapy Concept is high and still growing.

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Armeo Therapy Concept Research - 6


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Armeo Therapy Concept Research - 7

A Stroke, all severity levels [1-18] B Spinal cord injury [19-21] C Multiple sclerosis [22, 23] D Acquired brain injury [24-26] E Cerebral palsy [26-30] F Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) [31] G Humerus fractures [32, 33] The Armeo Therapy Concept has also been applied to individuals with Guillain-Barré syndrome [21, 34] and its feasibility and safety have been shown. In addition to the above listed patient populations, which are in line with the intended use of the different Armeo medical devices, one study investigated the use of ArmeoSpring in burn victims, showing positive results...

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Armeo Therapy Concept Research - 8


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Armeo Therapy Concept Research - 9

A high-quality evidence systematic review [36] shows that: • The use of technological devices in rehabilitation settings improves activities of daily living, arm function and arm strength. • Technology-assisted arm therapy after stroke is more effective than other interventions if the same time of practice is offered. The authors believe that: • Technology-assisted training can provide more repetitions per session compared to conventional therapy. • Robotic training allows therapy with limited supervision, which increases training efficiency. • Technology-assisted rehabilitation increases...

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Armeo Therapy Concept Research - 10

FIFTEEN RANDOMIZED CONTROLLED TRIALS REPORT POSITIVE RESULTS The Armeo training results in improvements in the following domains: • Quality of movement [3, 9] • Arm function [1-3, 9, 20, 37-40] • Muscle strength [4, 20, 40] • Range of motion [1,3, 9, 18, 25, 37] • Pain and spasticity [4, 38] • Activities of daily living [1,3, 4, 6, 9, 18, 20, 37, 38, 40] • Cognitive function [18]

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Armeo Therapy Concept Research - 11

Armeo Therapy Concept Superior Figure 2: Most Randomized Controlled Trials (RCTs) comparing Armeo Therapy Concept training to conventional therapy show advantages for Armeo Therapy Concept.

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Armeo Therapy Concept Research - 12

THE ARM WEIGHT SUPPORT MAXIMIZES THE PATIENTS’ MOTOR FUNCTIONS Training with arm weight support helps developing movement ability also in non-weight-supported conditions which enhances the general gains in motor functions [9]. Individuals with chronic arm impairments post-stroke can relearn to control arm movement when given arm weight support through the Armeo devices [14]. Combining arm weight support with Augmented Performance Feedback has been shown to help severely affected patients improve performance in reach-to-grasp exercises [9, 41].

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Armeo Therapy Concept Research - 13

EFFECT OF ARM WEIGHT SUPPORT ON PERFORMANCE Figure 3: Example data from one stroke patient as she attempted to trace a circle 30 times, without arm weight support (GB) (top) and with arm weight support (bottom), using T-WREX (ArmeoSpring). © 2006 IEEE. Reprinted, with permission, from [14].

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Armeo Therapy Concept Research - 14

THE ARMEO THERAPY CONCEPT ALLOWS INCREASED TRAINING INTENSITY AND REPETITIONS The intensity of the rehabilitation program is a key factor for recovery after neurological injury [42]. However, intensity is typically rather low during a conventional arm therapy session [43, 44]. The Armeo Therapy Concept provides more repetitions in the same therapy time [7, 20, 28], which leads to improved outcomes. The number of extra therapy sessions provided through Armeo training is correlated with improvement in shoulder strength [5].

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Armeo Therapy Concept Research - 15

NUMBER OF REPETITIONS PER SESSION ArmeoSpring Pediatric Figure 4: Average number of repetitions per training session with conventional therapy [44], training with ArmeoPower [20], with ArmeoSenso (without arm weight support) [7] and with ArmeoSpring Pediatric [28].

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Armeo Therapy Concept Research - 16

TRAINING WITH ARMEO DEVICES PROVIDES LONG-TERM BENEFITS Armeo training not only improves motor functions, but also allows individuals to sustain these gains and to continue improving even up to 6 months after treatment [9, 22, 45], indicating long term benefits of the Armeo Therapy Concept.

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Armeo Therapy Concept Research - 17

CHANGE IN OUTCOME MEASURES DUE TO ARMEOSPRING AND CONVENTIONAL THERAPY Figure 5: Change in Arm Motor Fugl-Meyer, Motor Activity Log (Quality of movement) and Motor Activity Log (Amount of use) scores at baseline (Pre), after 2 months of therapy (Post) and at 6-month follow-up (6m) [9]. Patients continue to improve after treatment with T-WREX (ArmeoSpring). © 2009 SAGE Publications Inc. Reprinted by Permission of SAGE Publications, Inc.

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Armeo Therapy Concept Research - 18

AUGMENTED PERFORMANCE FEEDBACK INCREASES MOTIVATION Evidence shows that more repetitions of a rehabilitative activity improve effectiveness of treatment [46]. However, performing similar repetitive activities might lead to boredom [47] and consequently to a lack of adherence to the treatment. Through the Augmented Performance Feedback offered by the Armeo Therapy Concept, it is possible to increase participation and motivation [33, 45, 47-49]. In a user satisfaction questionnaire about ArmeoSpring training, patients positively rated their experience with the device and they expressed the...

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