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EARLY AND SAFE MOBILIZATION EVEN IN ACUTE CARE The Erigo combines gradual verticalization with robotic movement therapy to ensure the necessary safety for the stabilization of patients in an upright position. Due to the unique afferent stimulation provided by the Erigo and the flexible harness, patients can be trained intensively and safely already in a very early stage of rehabilitation. LEARN FROM YOUR PEERS! For more information about Clinical Evidence, Education and Experiences with Hocoma solutions visit HOCOMA | ERIG

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CARDIOVASCULAR STABILIZATION The robotic leg movement and the cyclic leg loading offered by the Erigo are critical afferent stimuli for the central nervous system. REDUCED TIME IN ACUTE CARE Early mobilization not only supports the functional recovery of patients, but it also has a positive effect on cost-efficiency by reducing the time spent in acute care and subsequent rehabilitation institutions. IMPROVED ORTHOSTATIC TOLERANCE USING THE ERIGO FES The Erigo FES (Functional Electrical Stimulation) further increases the afferent stimulation of patients and thereby their cardiovascular...

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WHAT EXPERTS SAY Prof. Dr. Leopold Saltuari Medical Director, Department of Neurology, State Hospital Hochzirl, Austria The Erigo offers the unique possibility to train patients with circulatory instability and limited cooperation in a very early phase of their rehabilitation process. The Erigo FES efficiently supports this early treatment by substantially speeding up the acute recovery phase of the patient. I am convinced that the Erigo has a clear beneficial effect in the early remission stages of the brain injured and comatose patients. WHAT PATIENTS SAY Timothee Rajaonarivo Patient with...

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Sized to Fit Into Standard Patient Rooms Head Elevation Function (ErigoPro) Hip Extension Function (ErigoPro) Armrest (ErigoPro, not in the picture) Full Therapy Control via Intuitive User Interface Cyclic Leg Movements Gradual Verticalization up to 90° Functional Electrical Stimulation (ErigoPro) Electronic Leg Length Adjustment Different Movement Patterns (ErigoPro) Mechanical Leg Loading With Intelligent Loading Indicator SPACE REQUIREMENTS PATIENT REQUIREMENTS Device’s dimensions [L × W × H]: 227 × 86 × 242 cm (89 × 34 × 95 in.) Weight: approx. 300 kg (661 lb.) • Patient weight...

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We offer efficient solutions and services with advanced technologies for human movement therapy across the entire continuum of rehabilitation: from severe to mild impairments and from acute treatment to continuous training at home. All our solutions are developed, manufactured and continuously improved in close cooperation with researchers, clinical partners and customer feedback. Discover our extensive portfolio of Gait and Balance solutions. ERIGO The unique medical device for safe and early mobilization, combining gradual verticalization, leg mobilization, and intensive sensorimotor...

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