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Revolutionizing Functional Movement Therapy

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We improve millions of lives by providing functional and efficient solutions that set the standards for human movement therapy.

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HOCOMA REVOLUTIONIZING REHABILITATION Conventional therapy today is limited—by time, by number of repetitions, by the lack of reproducible movement quality and by the fact that it is strenuous for both therapists and patients. In other words: there is a disbalance between the therapy we know we should provide according to motor learning principles and all the factors that prevent us from reaching this goal. Recovery potential is rarely ever fully exploited. Patients spend up to 72% of their time in rehabilitation hospitals in bed without effective training.1 Out of the roughly 15 million...

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THE TOTAL SOLUTION We offer efficient solutions and services with advanced technologies for human movement therapy across the entire continuum of rehabilitation. All our solutions are developed, manufactured and continuously improved in close cooperation with researchers, clinical partners and patients. We help you to become more successful with our broad portfolio of dedicated services, ensuring the best integration of our solutions into your clinical routines.

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To help you make the best use of our solutions, we offer clinical integration consulting and companionship as well as education and training. RESEARCH SERVICES Research drives us forward. Our research support helps you kick start your research projects. BUSINESS DESIGN SERVICES Getting started can be difficult. We support you in building your rehabilitation project on solid ground—from small clinics to large hospitals. We offer peace of mind. With our technical support and regular maintenance, you can stick to your clinical routines without disruption. FINANCING SERVICES Your financial...

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HOCONET® We offer a new software platform to plan, control and monitor the best therapy for your patients across the entire continuum. The platform has an intuitive interface that allows for easy access to patient and device management, treatment overview, and many other functions. A seamless connection between our devices and existing information structures allows you to optimize your time and improve the quality of care. Complying with data security and safety standards, you can be sure your data is safeguarded at all times. EVERYTHING UNDER ONE ROOF Discover our portfolio of solutions...

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An official statement considered my daughter Nele to be untreatable. Thanks to the intensive training on the Lokomat, Nele can walk right now and has impressive positive side effects like bladder control and more confidence in daily life activities. Sandra Kohlof Mother of Nele

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As the Total Solution Provider we are dedicated to offering the right solutions for your specific needs. Whether your institution is focused on acute care, inpatient rehabilitation or outpatient therapy, you will find the right device to match your space, budget and needs. * Initial instruction by medical expert required Coming soon 9

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CONNECTED CARE One software platform connecting our product portfolio across the entire continuum of care.

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HocoNet* seamlessly connects to our product portfolio and to your existing Hospital Information System so that you can safely and efficiently manage and keep track of patient, treatment, and device data. This greatly reduces the time spent on administrative tasks, especially in parallel settings, and enables your therapists to concentrate on what they do best: treating patients. In the near future, we will be releasing a wide range of modules for HocoNet. Some will help you provide high-quality, patient-centered care, automate repetitive tasks, or improve your patients’ experience. Others...

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Without functional training you rather lose than further (re)develop your abilities. Studies4 show that intensive therapy is the key to improving motor function. This leads to sustainable results for patients and that’s where we come in. Dr. Gery Colombo Founder and CEO Hocoma

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Gait & Balance Solutions The Erigo is the only therapy solution that uniquely combines gradual verticalization, leg mobilization, and intensive sensorimotor stimulation through cyclic leg loading. • Early and Safe Mobilization even in Acute Care • Cardiovascular Stabilization • Improved Orthostatic Tolerance Using the Erigo FES (Functional Electrical Stimulation) • Increased Patient Awareness • Reduced Time in Acute Care • Excellent Clinical Usability • Increased Therapy Efficiency

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LOKOMAT®PRO LOKOMAT®NANOS The Lokomat is the world’s leading robotic medical device that provides highly repetitive and the most physiological gait training—especially to severely impaired patients. ·· ·· ·· ·· ·· ·· OPTIONAL MODULES* ·· Pediatric Orthosis for children ·· FreeD Module for lateral translation and transverse rotation of the pelvis *Only available for LokomatPro Effective Gait Training Most Physiological Gait Optimal Patient Challenge Augmented Performance Feedback Increased Efficiency State-of-the-Art Gait

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Gait & Balance Solutions SAFE AND FREE OVERGROUND GAIT TRAINING ANDAGO® The Andago bridges the gap between treadmill-based gait training and free overground walking. • Intensive and Versatile Overground Gait Therapy • Active Patient-Following: Self-Directed Gait with Body Weight Support • Safe and Efficient Therapy • Upright and Hands-Free Gait • No Infrastructure Modification, Flexible Use from Room to Room

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Gait & Balance Solutions EVALUATION AND TRAINING OF BALANCE AND GAIT C-MILL C-MILL VR C-MILL VR+ The C-Mill is an instrumented treadmill intended to evaluate human gait and balance and to train (impaired) gait and balance using treadmill movement, augmented reality and virtual reality.

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