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Manovo®Spring - 1

The ManovoSpring was specifically designed for training grasp and release movements in patients with impaired hand functions. The combination of the ManovoSpring with the ArmeoSpring is the only solution for repetitive, self-initiated reach and grasp training with arm weight support in a large 3D workspace. It simultaneously incorporates the entire arm and hand, from shoulder to fingers, and thereby assures the most efficient and functional rehabilitation training. AVAILABLE IN COMBINATION WITH THE ARMEO®SPRING ONLY

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Manovo®Spring - 2

The adjustable spring mechanism of the ManovoSpring was specifically designed to counteract the high tone of the flexor muscles and to support the weaker extensor muscles. In each stage of hand opening it brings in a physiologic amount of force needed to open the hand while coupling finger and thumb movements. Thereby, also patients who show only limited active movement in their fingers can participate in intense, repetitive hand movement exercises.1 MOTIVATING EXERCISES An extensive library of motivating game-like Augmented Performance Feedback exercises has been designed to train core...

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