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Technical Data Andago® Version: Device description: Mobile robotic system for over-ground gait and balance training providing fall protection, dynamic body-weight support and intuitive patient following Mobile platform: Space requirements: Minimal operating space: 1.5 m (5 ft) x 5 m (16 ft) [l x w] Recommended operating space: 3.5 m (11.5 ft) x 7 m (23 ft) [l x w] Dynamic body weight support: Two electrically driven wheels and four casters for moving forwards, backwards, and turning Intuitive patient-following mode, enabling the device to move and turn according to the patient’s intention Straight-line mode, enabling simplified training scenarios without turning Manual mode, enabling the therapist to steer the device Electrically operated patient lift, supporting patient setup from sitting position Dynamic body-weight support range: 0 to approx. 55 kg, continuously adjustable without training interruption Nearly constant weight support and low inertial forces (patent pending) Rechargeable batteries with capacity for a whole therapy day (approx. 8 hours of therapy), can be recharged over night Battery charger, compatible with mains connections with 100-240 V~ / 50/60 Hz Outer dimensions: 1.07 m (42.1 in) x 0.85 m (33.5 in) x 0.85 m 1.95 m (76.8 in) [l x w x h] Inner width: 0.67 m (26.38 in) Operating conditions: User interface: Device to be operated only on level ground Temperature: 15 °C - 35 °C Humidity: 30 % - 75 % relative air humidity Air pressure: <1060hPa Tethered, hand-held control which allows to control patient lift, body-weight support, training modes, and manual maneuvering of the device Display for status information Patient weight max. 135 kg (297.6 lbs) Patient height 135 cm (53.15 in) - 200 cm (78.74 in) All information is subject to change without notice.

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