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Technical Data Armeo®Spring Pediatric Device description: ArmeoSpring Pediatric is an instrumented arm orthosis with a spring mechanism for adjustable Arm Weight Support in a large 3D workspace that can be used as real time input device to the associated therapy software Armeocontrol. The purpose of ArmeoSpring Pediatric is to support functional therapy for patients at the age of about 4-12 years who have lost the function of or have restricted function in their upper extremities caused by cerebral, neurogenic, spinal, muscular or bone-related disorders. Room requirements: Electronic connection: Arm orthosis with integrated weight compensation mechanism 3D position detection of arm segments and grip strength sensing Augmented Performance Feedback with functional exercises and entertaining games for patient motivation Assessment Tools to record patient performance System mounted on a mobile platform for easy transfer of ArmeoSpring Pediatric Casters’ diameter: 10 cm Device’s dimensions: 81 cm (l) x 75 cm (w) x 85-125 cm (h) Weight: max. 82 kg Space: 3 x 3 x 2 m (l x w x h) Temperature: 10 °C - 30 °C Humidity: 30 % - 75 % relative air humidity Mains connection through isolating transformer (included in scope of delivery) with variable input and invariable output (accepts 230V / 50Hz or 120V / 60Hz) USB interface to orthosis 24 inch flat screen monitor with integrated speakers Electric lifting column for comfortable height adjustment (range: 400 mm) Continuous adaptation to subject’s dimensions forearm lengths (elbow to handgrip): 230 - 370 mm upper arm lengths (shoulder to elbow): 155 - 235 mm Continuous adaptation of weight compensation force to subject’s needs. Example values in horizontal position and middle length settings are: forearm weight compensation: 0.0 kg – 0.9 kg upper arm weight compensation: 0.0 kg - 4.1 kg System platform compatible with commonly used wheelchairs Interface ready to mount different hand modules available in the future Total of 7 angle sensors and 1 pressure sensor Instrumented physiological movements: shoulder abduction, shoulder flexion, horizontal shoulder abduction, shoulder rotation, elbow flexion, forearm pronation, wrist flexion, hand gra

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Armeocontrol Software: User database with an individual account for every patient (allows for managing individual therapy schedule, storing patient settings, logging activity and results) Parameters individually adjustable to the patient's needs and abilities: - Exercise workspace - Difficulty level of every exercise > 20 motivating games and exercises Assessment Tools for relevant parameters of the patient's performance (coordination, reaction time) Documentation of the patient's performance: - Easily understandable summary of the patient's progress - Detailed, Excel readable...

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