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Technical Data Erigo® Device description: Software features: The Erigo® is an early rehabilitation robotic device for the safe mobilization of neurological and bed-ridden patients even in acute care. The Erigo combines gradual verticalization with cyclic leg movements and loading for the stabilization of the patient in the upright position. The purpose of the Erigo is to provide the opportunity of early and safe mobilization in order to counteract the negative effects of immobility and accelerate the recovery process with intensive sensorimotor stimulation. The Erigo is available both in a standard (ErigoBasic) and advanced version (ErigoPro). With the ErigoPro, the patient stimulation can be additionally enhanced by synchronized functional electrical stimulation (FES). • Adjustable progressive verticalization up to 90° • Cyclic leg movements 8-80 steps/min • Mechanical leg loading up to 50 kg • Erigo FES by Hasomed12 • Intuitive graphical user interface for adjusting and saving training parameters via touch screen (15.5-inch / 16:9 ratio) • Adjustable guidance force for leg drives 0-100 % (symmetric/asymmetric) • Adjustable range of motion 0-45° (symmetric/asymmetric) • Adjustable leg loading • Real-time feedback of the adjustable leg loading force2• Adjustable verticalization angle 0°-90° • Adjustable hip extension angle 0°-10°2 • Different movement patterns (sine wave, gait, alternating leg)2• FES stimulation synchronized with the leg movement of the Erigo and fully operable via graphic user interface2 • FES stimulation intensity (amplitude) adjustable for each channel separately, other parameters (frequency, pulse width, ramp) adjustable non-channel specific2 • Patient specific history function of performed trainings • Reporting functionality for documenting therapy progress • Remote support and service diagnostic tools for error handling • Height adjustment for patient transfer (56-84 cm) • Flexible patient harness and different leg cuff sizes • Head elevation function for patient setup2 • Continuously adjustable stride width • Footplates adjustable to different foot positions (plantar/dorsal flexion, pronation/supination), mechanism to block/allow additional ankle joint movement • Demountable back cushion (70 mm thick), fluid-proof and biostatic cover, biocompatible according to ISO 10993 Demountable foot padding allowing to train barefoot, fluid-proof and biostatic cover, biocompatible according to ISO 10993 • Integrated standard rail (25 x 10 mm) for attaching additional hospital equipme

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Arm- and headrest set* Adjustment in height, verticalization, hip extension*, head elevation* and leg length by means of remote control Four casters with integrated central blocking and direction control function for the front casters Mechanical emergency release in case of power breakdown Operating conditions: • Temperature: 10 - 30 °C • Humidity: 30 - 75 % relative air humidity • Air pressure: 700 - 1060 hPa Patient requirements: • Patient weight capacity: max. 135 kg (297 lb) • Continuous adaptation to patient's leg length: 72-102 cm (28-40 in) * Applies only for Erigo®Pro

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