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Electrode pads The use of electrode pads helps achieve various rehabilitation requirements. Neuromuscular re-education and facilitation General Therapeutic Electrical Stimulator Neuropathic pain Suppressing spasms Alleviating muscle strain Nociceptive pain Muscle strengthening Promoting blood circulation ■ Specifications(for Japan) Type Physical therapy equipment, low-frequency electric therapy equipment : (medical equipment requiring specialist maintenance and management ClassⅡ) Certification no : 228AGBZX00036000 Model : G-TES1100 Main unit dimensions,weight, and accessories: 365 width) ( ×222 depth) (height) ( ×103 mm Approx. 2.5kg main unit) ( Belt electrodes 2 for lower back 〈 (L1, S1)2 large , 2 small 〉 , ■ Special-purpose cart   setting Belt electrode connecting cords 3:for lower back , above the knee , and ankle〉 〈 Belt electrode sheets 12 large ,12 small 〉 〈 Electrode pads 〈1 large , 2 small 〉 Electrode pad fixing bands 〈1 large , 2 small 〉 Bottle 〈1〉 Power cord 〈1〉 Special-purpose SD card 〈1〉 Option : Special-purpose card Electrical specifications Rated supply voltage :100 to 240 〈 50 to 60Hz 〉 [V] Power input : 2.0 to1.5 [A] Type of protection against electric shock :ClassⅠ Classification of applied parts by level of protection against electric shock :BF type attachment Max. output voltage :138 [V] Max. output current : 48 [mA] Output waveform : Exponential climbing pulse Pulse width : 56 - 260μs Timer : Max. 50 min Electrode temperature : Max. 41℃ 〈contact cold sensation reducing function〉 Danger Do not use on these patients. ・Patients with medical electrical equipment implanted in the body such as pacemakers. ・Other patients deemed ineligible by a doctor. ※ Specifications are subject to change without prior notice for product improvem

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Totally new electrical stimulation that works all leg muscles General electrical stimulator for rehabilitation Touchscreen Intuitive and excellent operability with a pressure-sensitive touchscreen. ベルト電極式骨格筋電気刺激法 International standard for medical devices Improved exercise tolerance and ADL The entire belt is an electrode, and wrapping it around the legs creates a cylinder of electricity that flows completely through the legs. Moreover, the electrode area is extremely large, so that the electrical potential for each spot is distributed, enabling strong yet pain-free muscle contraction....

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