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FMA SERIESMicroForce Sensors, Compensated/Amplified DESCRIPTION The FMA Series are piezoresistive-based force sensors offering a digital output for reading force over the specified full scale force span and temperature range. They are fully calibrated and temperature compensated for sensor offset, sensitivity, temperature effects, and nonlinearity using an on-board Application Specific Integrated Circuit (ASIC). Direct mechanical coupling allows for easy interface with the sensor, coupling with tubing, membrane or a plunger, providing repeatable performance and a reliable mechanical interface to the application. All products are designed and manufactured according to ISO 9001 standards. These products offer a more stable output which is directly proportional to the force applied to the mechanically-coupled sphere. The FMA Series is available with pocket tape and reel packaging. VALUE TO CUSTOMERS The FMA Series are designed to meet the customer’s need for a compensated, amplified force sensor which provides digital outputs, a variety of force sensing ranges, a small, cost-effective format, and enhanced durability and accuracy. The flexible design provides multiple standard configurations over a wide operating temperature range. DIFFERENTIATION • Multiple force ranges allow the customer to choose the force range to maximize sensitivity and improve system resolution/performance • Smaller package allows for space constrained applications • Robust design provides enhanced durability in applications where overforce may exist • Enhanced accuracy includes all errors due to force non-linearity, force hysteresis, and non-repeatability • Reduced Total Error Band enhances system performance • Digital output enhances performance through reduced conversion requirements and the convenience of direct interface to microprocessors • Diagnostic functions allow the user to determine if the sensor is working correctly by detecting if electrical paths are broken or shorted inside the sensor • Selectable supply voltages provide customers with design flexibility POTENTIAL APPLICATIONS MEDICAL • Infusion pumps • Ambulatory pumps • Enteral feeding pumps • Kidney dialysis machines INDUSTRIAL • Load and compression sensing • Touch panels • Switch replacement • Robotic equipment • Weight measurement • Force/grip measuring equipment FEATURES • Small form factor: 5 mm x 5 mm [0.20 in x 0.20 in] • Accuracy: ±2 %FSS typical • SPI- or I2C-compatible digital output • Fully calibrated and temperature compensated over a temperature range of 5°C to 50°C [41°F to 122°F] • Available in a wide variety of standard and configurable force ranges • Overforce: 3X force range • Supply voltage: 3.3 Vdc typ. or 5.0 Vdc typ. • Low power consumption: 14 mW • Enhanced part-to-part repeatability • Enhanced reliability • Stable, stainless steel sphere interface • Internal diagnostic functions available • REACH and RoHS compliant The FMA Series joins the FSA Series, FSG Series, FSS Series, FSS-SMT Series, TBF Series, and 1865 Series Force Sensors. To view the entire product portfolio, click here.

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FMA series - 2

1Sensors are either 3.3 Vdc or 5.0 Vdc based on the catalog listing selected. 2Ratiometricity of the sensor (the ability of the device output to scale to the supply voltage) is achieved within the specified operating voltage. 3The sensor is not reverse polarity protected. Incorrect application of supply voltage or ground to the wrong pin may cause electrical failure. 4Operating temperature range: The temperature range over which the sensor will produce an output proportional to force. 5Compensated temperature range: The temperature range over which the sensor will produce an output...

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FMA series - 3

MICROFORCE SENSORS, FMA SERIES TABLE 3. ENVIRONMENTAL SPECIFICATIONS CHARACTERISTIC Life 1 million full scale force cycles minimum Life may vary depending on specific application in which the sensor is utilized. 1 TABLE 4. MATERIALS COMPONENT liquid crystal polymer Sphere contact element epoxy, silicone Electronic components Contact Honeywell customer service for detailed material information. silicon, glass, solder FIGURE 1. TRANSFER FUNCTION LIMITS Compensated Force Range Ideal +8% Total Error Band Fmin. Output (% of 214 counts) = Sensing and Internet of Things

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FMA series - 4

FIGURE 2. NOMENCLATURE AND ORDER GUIDE For example, FMAMSDXX025WCSC3 defines an FMA Series Force Sensor, compensated/amplified, mechanically coupled, sphere contact element, sensor short and open diagnostics, 25 N force range, force unit in N, compression force type, SPI digital output, 20% to 80% transfer function, 3.3 Vdc supply voltage1 MicroForce Type Sensors M S D XX Coupling Contact Option Option Element Code Code 1 Compensated/ amplified _ 005 5 (Newtons) D Sensor short and open diagnostics 015 15 (Newtons) 1 Custom configurations are available upon request. Please contact Honeywell...

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FMA series - 5

MICROFORCE SENSORS, FMA SERIES FIGURE 3. SENSOR MOUNTING DIMENSIONS (FOR REFERENCE ONLY: MM/[IN].) , TABLE 7. SPHERE FORCE VS HEIGHT Sphere height (See Table 7.) Solder Pad Layout (viewed from top) Recommended Land Pattern , , , Sensing and Internet of Things

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FMA series - 7

MICROFORCE SENSORS, FMA SERIES FIGURE 5. TAPE MOUNTING DIMENSIONS (FOR REFERENCE ONLY: MM/[IN], ALL DIMENSIONS COMPLY WITH EIA-481-1.) Note: FMA Series products are shipped in tape and reel packaging with a Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ) of 160 pieces. The maximum tape and reel quantity is 960 pieces per reel. CAUTION ELECTROSTATIC SENSITIVE DEVICES DO NOT OPEN OR HANDLE EXCEPT AT A STATIC FREE WORKSTATION Sensing and Internet of Things

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FMA series - 8

ADDITIONAL MATERIALS The following associated literature is available at • Product range guide • Technical notes: - MicroForce Sensor Coupling - Overforce Design Considerations - Force Sensor Diagnostics - Digital Output Force Sensors I2C Communications - Digital Output Force Sensors SPI Communications • Other technical notes • Application notes • Sell Sheets • CAD Models FOR MORE INFORMATION Honeywell Sensing and Internet of Things services its customers through a worldwide network of sales offices and distributors. For application assistance, current specifications,...

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