Formulating with UOP MOLSIV Molecular Sieve Adsorbent Powders - 4 Pages

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Formulating with UOP MOLSIV Molecular Sieve Adsorbent Powders

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SUPER DRYING DESICCANT Formulating with UOP MOLSIV molecular sieve adsorbent powders

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The “super drying ” desiccant Our MOLSIV adsorbents have been called the “super drying” desiccant for good reasons • They are extremely effective; even at low water concentrations • They dry at high or low temperatures • They dry without altering formulations • They can remove other contaminants as well as water That’s why molecular sieves are used to prevent gassing, gelation, erratic viscosity and other problems in coatings, adhesives, sealants, and elastomer systems. They are also used as “super drying” desiccants in household refrigeration systems, in packaging drugs and electronic...

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Determining How Much You Need In polyurethane and polysulfide systems and in zinc-rich paints, 10 parts of MOLSIV powder are usually required for each part of water removed. This amounts to about one to two parts per hundred formulation in polyurethane and zinc-rich paints. Sealants may need more because of their higher pigmentation levels. Usually the more pigment, filler and solvent present in a formulation, the higher the moisture content, and thus, the more desiccant will be needed in the formulation. If small proportions of pigment, filler and solvent are present, less than one to...

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Unparalleled Experience UOP's expertise and innovation extends from research and development to manufacturing and from application product selection to technical services. To best meet customer needs, UOP offers the broadest portfolio of molecular sieve and activated alumina product in the world. With sales, technical support staff, and manufacturing facilities located around the globe, UOP continue to lead the industry through our commitment to our customers. Whether you are looking to dry, purify or separate, you'll find the adsorbent solution with UOP. Additional Information Call or...

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