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Overview With its robust feature set, the Genesis DM provides complete remote biometric and symptom evaluation. The Genesis DM seamlessly supplies this information to the LifeStream Management Suite, which provides a single, consolidated view of patient information organized in a way that allows care providers to more effectively monitor patients resulting in more informed clinical decision making. Voice-Enabled Disease-Specific Symptom Management (DSSM) Modules • On-demand access through the LifeStream Management Suite. • Customizable by diagnosis and disease state. • Facilitates management of multiple conditions, such as hypertension, COPD, CHF, diabetes, and high-risk pregnancy-related conditions. Ease of Use • Automatic download of DSSM content, updates and prompts. • Optional wireless GPRS connectivity enhances communications. • Security and encryption provides data protection. Web-Enabled • Clear auditory and visual user cues. • Enhanced interface offers easy set up and adjustment. • Fast transfer between patients. • Reminders to help patients track appointments and other events. Personal Health Device Promotes Stability, Safety, and Confidentiality • Benefit from rigorous testing for improved usability. • Provide a dedicated, secure and private health device to foster HIPAA compliance. • Leverage a stable, controlled interface for protection against viruses. Addressing the needs of a diverse patient population, Honeywell also offers a touch screen monitor that works seamlessly with LifeStream — the Genesis Touch, featuring One-Touch video visits and 3G/4G cellular support. © 2014 Honeywell. All rights rese

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Specifications The Honeywell Genesis DM Pro/DM Pro BP monitor is a Class II, type BF device that collects vital sign data and connects to the LifeStream Management Suite via a phone line or external cellular modem. Peripheral Medical Devices The following peripheral medical devices are available for the Genesis DM System: • Blood Pressure • Pulse Oximeter • Honeywell Scale - 500lbs limit (wired and wireless Bluetooth) • NCI Technologies HRS-305 Accuro Handrail Scale -1000lbs limit (wireless Bluetooth) Honeywell also offers wired interface cables for the following peripheral medical...

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