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When you invest in UOP Adsorbents, you gain more than simply a contaminant removal product. You gain a comprehensive team of experts dedicated to designing and producing a custom solution for you. You gain years of industry experience and operating knowledge. You gain unparalleled technical service and, most importantly, the confidence that your valuable operation will run more smoothly and with fewer problems. sieves' strong attraction for water makes them the ideal adsorbent for gas and liquid streams where ppm effluent dehydration is required First-to-Market Adsorbents Technology UOP...

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Used successfully in hundreds of commercial systems for drying and purifying liquids and gases, UOP molecular sieves and aluminas are the most universally applicable adsorbents in the process industries. Today, we offer the broadest portfolio of UOP MOLSIV™, TRISIV™, OXYSIV™ and adsorbent products in the widest variety of other adsorbents products are chosen by packages. Our longevity in the industry and more customers around the world than understanding of product application can any other adsorbent products. help you achieve the highest performance to meet your business objectives. Our...

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UOP Adsorbent Milestones Development of GB series adsorbents for contaminant removal Continuing evolution of medical oxygen and air separation products Development of the high-capacity, activated-alumina AZ and CLR product lines Purchase of LaRoche alumina manufacturing plant Advanced PSA/VSA products for oxygen production introduced Union Carbide’s MOLSIV adsorbents group becomes part of UOP UOP introduces dozens of new MOLSIV adsorbents, including products for the refrigeration industry to meet the Montreal Protocol requirements for non-CFC replacement refrigeration systems Development of...

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Global Service and Support for your Adsorbents Needs We offer unparalleled service and support to help ensure you maximize the use and life of your UOP adsorbents. Our highly trained and experienced staff is positioned around the world, and dedicated to quickly and efficiently meeting your business needs. Some of the services you can expect, include: • Process design to determine optimal operating conditions for your application • Start-up assistance to ensure on-time and effective product implementation • Performance evaluations to facilitate preventative action •Troubleshooting to...

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