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UOP IONSIV Selective Media

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Efficient Treatment of Liquid Nuclear Wastes UOP IONSIV ™ Selective Media

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IONSIV Selective Media: A superior nuclear waste remediation product Even in the most extreme conditions, UOP IONSIV products are proven to exhibit high capacity, selectivity and stability compared to ion exchange products available today. UOP IONSIV Selective Media are microporous inorganic crystalline media used in the nuclear industry for more than 40 years. These materials provide unique combinations of selectivity, capacity and stability not available from other nuclear waste remediation products today. UOP offers a portfolio of selective media including alumino silicates (zeolites)...

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Superior Performance Single-use media Superior chemical stability High Selective Media capacity and selectivity As a single use media, UOP IONSIV IONSIV Selective Media retain their products require no regeneration. This physical integrity and high selectivity IONSIV Selective Media commonly allows for the design of simpler and over a broad pH range. See Figure 2 for exhibit high selectivity and capacity for more economic processes leading to an example of the high Cs distribution specificcontaminants, even when high lower costs and higher reliability. coefficient of R9120-B Selective Media...

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There are a variety of IONSIV Selective Media to meetyourspecific requirements. The relative cation selectivity of each product in orderof decreasing selectivity is provided below. IONSIV R9150 and R9160 Series • Zeolites that exhibit a high selectivity for Cs • Available as granules in two cation forms (R9150-G and R9160-G) • Selectivity: Cs > K > Na > Li, Ba > Sr > Ca >Mg IONSIV R9515 Series • Zeolites exhibiting high selectivity forSr • Available as a powder (R9515-P) or granules (R9515-G) • Selectivity: Sr>Ca>Na, Mg>K>Rb>Li>Cs IONSIV R9120 Series • Crystalline silicotitanates that...

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