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Analyzers & Solutions for Laboratories Explore the future Automotive I Process & Environmental I Medical I Semiconductor I Scientific

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users including patients, doctors, private laboratories, Yumizen G h line Range Yumizen G1550h/1500h________________ 20 distributes worldwide, in vitro diagnostic systems mainly destined for biological analysis in medical laboratories. clinics and university hospitals. Micros Range Digitalisation Range Yumizen Yumizen Yumizen Yumizen Yumizen HORIBA expertise in in vitro diagnostics is one of the most respected in hematology worldwide and contributes today to the health of tomorrow. Yumizen C Range Pentra C Range Quality Programs These automated analyzers meet the needs of various Pentra XLR...

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HORIBA Evolutive Laboratory Organisation Giving dimension to your projects... with new generation solutions. HELO* : Complete solution for hematology diagnostics. * HORIBA Evolutive Laboratory Organisation 5

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HEMATOLOGY HORIBA Evolutive Laboratory Organisation Faster diagnostic for an improved patient care High end laboratory analyzers Improve your medical laboratory operations • Multiple continuous loading inputs with track • Integrated 360° sample mixing • CBC/DIFF/NRBC: 120 samples/hour • Total immaturity measurement for leukocytes count in 1st intention • Body fluids application • Low Value cycles Yumizen H2500: • + a sixth reagent (ABX Fluocyte) • + Orange thiazole for Reticulocytes counting Exceeding laboratory’s expectations • + Fluorescent free measurement (PLT-Ox, LPF) for PLT * HORIBA...

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Analyzers & Solutions  for Laboratories - 5

HORIBA Evolutive Laboratory Organisation The innovative HORIBA Medical Laboratory Automated Solution (LAS) specifically developed for our HELO* solution Pre and Post analytical compact sorter Gain productivity and efficiency by improving tube workflow. Gain productivity and efficiency by improving tube workflow. • Compliant with many barcodes, tubes and racks. • Optimized sorting. Unlimited sorting destinations. • Integrated automatic tube orientation. Throughput: 600 tubes/hour. • Easy to use software. Compact & suitable configurations Fully evolutive configuration Continuously optimized...

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Analyzers & Solutions  for Laboratories - 6

Delivering Safe Hematology Care Affordable Hematology Solutions for Small-Mid Laboratories Compact Hematology Solution • Open Tube & Closed Tube versions • CBC/DIFF Analysis • 2 reagents use • 37 parameters menu • Optional Malaria and Dengue flagging Full Walk Away Solution • Auto loader version • Integrated auto sampler • Positive identification • 40 tubes in continuous loading • Urgent mode Yumicare provides optimised remote support for our Yumizen H500 and Yumizen H550 users • Increasing your analyzer uptime • Easing your quality control • Monitoring your hematology activity

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Analyzers & Solutions  for Laboratories - 7

Compact and reliable hematology platform including reticulocytes by fluorescence Integrated Validation Station. Pentra Range Micros Range Digitalisation Range 12 Exceeding laboratory’s expectations • 36 parameters: CBC (13), DIFF (14), RET (9) • Approximatively 80 tests/hour • Large capacity auto-loader (100 tubes) • icro-sampling on whole blood (CBC, RET: 35 μL, CBC+DIFF : 53 µL) M • Customized Dilution Rat

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To go further in your diagnosis Dedicated Workstation. • 60 tests/hour • 26 parameters: CBC (12), DIFF (14) • Micro-sampling on whole blood (CBC: 30 mU CBC+DIFF : 53 pL) • Closed tube More than 30.000 Users Worldwide The Gold Standard of 3 Diff Testing • Compact & robust analyzer • 60 tests/hour, 19 parameters (CBC+LMG) • Whole blood micro sampling of 10 mL • Proven quality results • Pack or bottle reagents • Open tubes and closed tubes versions • Also available for veterinary application Serving the Patient with Proven Technologies Get Reliable Technology with Powerful Data Management • 60...

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Empowers your laboratory to make high-quality peripheral blood smears with consistency and control. • Automated instrument • Closed-vial smearing methodology • Promotes efficiency, consistency, and safety • Produces CellaVision compatible smearing • Suitable for low-volume labs Ensures that all your smears are stained consistently and in accordance to your laboratory guidelines. • Semi-automated instrument • Utilizes the bath method • Paired with methanolfree staining kits • Promotes consistency and safety • Produces CellaVision compatible staining • Suitable for low-volume labs RAL Stainer...

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Yumizen G h line Maximum ergonomics Easy to use & easy to train Automated maintenance Less than five minutes a day Cap piercing without maintenance Time saving Anteriority of 1 million analysis in memory Extended traceability & Improved clinical validation A-PSI : Auto-check HIL & of tubes overfilled and underfilled Accurate results - Efficient workflow Yumizen Exceeding laboratory’s expectations

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Fully automated, high-capacity hemostasis analyzer including Advanced Pre-Analytical Sample Integrity (A-PSI) for clinical laboratories with mid to high workload • • • • • • • Clotting, immunologic and chromogenic assays 8 independent measuring channels with combined nephelometric and turbidimetric Continuous access loading for sample racks, reagents, cuvettes Only one cuvette per test Real-time remote access Touch screen Complete traceability : 1 million results,reagents lot, calibration, QC, rerun, users login Fully automated, benchtop hemostasis analyzer including Advanced Pre-Analytical...

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YumizenG405 YumizenG200 The Yumizen G1550 & G1500 automatic analyzer meets your daily expectations. • System auto-verification • Run Calibration / QC • Load Samples • Request tests • Run and Validation • Automatic maintenance • 80% of the routine reagents liquid and ready-to-use • Most of the tests pre-calibrated Fully Automated Hemostasis System. • Smart way to test • Comprehensive Security • Increased efficiency • User friendly features • Automatic maintenance • 80% of the routine reagents liquid and ready-to-use • Most of the tests pre-calibrated 4-channel coagulometer designed to...

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