Safe Blood Testing with ABX Micros 60/ES60


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Safe Blood Testing with ABX Micros 60/ES60 CT Pack Hematology System Providing additional protection to laboratory staff when performing blood sample analysis, especially when dealing with highly infectious patients and blood-borne pathogens. SAMPLING  Self-contained closed tube sampler  No exposure to blood  Self-contained reagent pack with disposable waste HANDLING  Minimum self-operators’ training  Easy-to-use analyzer  Utilize inside patient isolation units Closed Tube Sample Hoder Safe removal of pack without exposure to infectious waste Minimal surfaces allowing for easy external cleaning Automatic cleaning of sample needle Concentrated cleaning with ABX Minoclair reagent for decontamination Offering a CBC with 3-part Diff to aid in differentiating between bacterial and viral infections  CBC plus 3-part Diff  18 or 19 parameters : WBC, RBC, MCH, PDW*, HGB, MCHC, PLT, MCV, RDW-CV, RDW-SD*(1), PCT*, HCT, MPV, LYM (# & %), MON (# & %), GRA (# & %) *RUO (Research Use Only) (1) available on MES60  Technologies : Impedance, Photometry (HGB), Selective lyse (3 part-Diff)  Throughput : 50 tests/hour  Specimen Volume : 10 µL  Reagents : Self-contained pack with reagents and waste container  Identification mode : Alphanumerical (internal or virtual keyboard), Optional barcode reader

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