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AERObag® Manual Resuscitators and Masks / -accessories / Hyperventilation Mask

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Manual Resuscitation Powerful helpers for resuscitation in emergency situations

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AERObag®Silicone I PVC Manual Resuscitators AERObag® - Resuscitators Reusable silicone- and single use PVC resuscitators for adults (1500 ml), children (450 ml) and infants (280ml) in transparent design. powerful, user- and patient friendly construction High-quality raw material • All parts latexfree • Disinfectable, autoclavable up to 134°C, gas sterilizable (silicone version) • Robust: ready for use under toughest environmental conditions Hygienic and transparent • Contamination easy to detect • Easy to clean High ease of use • Comfortable „grip“ and safe hold • Rotatable patient...

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2 different Resuscitator types in 3 different sizes (adults | children | infants) Silicone Resuscitator (reusable / autoclavable) Optional connection possibility for PEEP Valves with the help of an additional adapter/diverter (HBB05-DV). patient valve dial PVC Resuscitator (single use / disposable) Patient connection valve with integrated expiratory shank Optional, direct connection possibility for PEEP Valves at integrated expiratory shank expiratory shank patient connection valve

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Resuscitation Masks and Accessories AERObag® - Resuscitation Masks Reusable silicone- and single use PVC resuscitation masks. Transparent, anatomically shaped with excellent sealing at already low pressure. Different mask sizes for adults, children and infants. 4 different mask types Silicone (reusable / autoclavable) • Mask with silicone cuff and a clear rigid shell of polysulfone • Sizes 3-5 Full silicone (reusable / autoclavable) • With integrated silicone cuff • Sizes 0-5 PVC (single use / disposable) • Masks with inflatable cuff (with valve) and clear rigid shell of PVC • Color coded...

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Accessories for Resuscitation Masks AERObag® - Inflator/Deflator Small, handy inflation/deflation bag for adjustment of resuscitation mask cuff volumes. Advantages • Quick Inflation and deflation of cuffs • Comfortable grip and easy handling • Simple „One-Hand“ usage • Included loop • Ready to use in toughest emergency environments Spezifikationen • PVC. latexfree • Dimensions: 7.9 cm x 4.2 cm • Colour: blue • eight: approx. 22.5 g W Deflator deflation - Entleert das Luftpolster - releasing air volume from the cuff inflation - filling the cuff with air Fixation hooks Headstrap fixation...

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Accessories for Resuscitators | Resuscitator-Sets Hyperventilation Mask Accessories for Resuscitators AERObag® - PEEP-Valves Improvement in oxygenation at varied disturbances of pulmonary function. All PEEP valves are equipped with 2 adapters with the dimensions 22 mm OD and 30 mm ID. They can be attached either to the patient valve via diverter/adapter or for HBB06-...2 models directly at the expiratory shank. Reusable / autoclavable Material: Polysulfone (PSF) PEEP valve 10 mbar - continuously adjustable 2 cm H2O - 10 cm H2O Adapter (Diverter) PEEP valve 10 mbar - continuously adjustable...

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AERObag® Silikon-Beatmungsbeutel Silicone Manual Resuscitator Silikon-Beatmungsbeutel Silicone manual res use/ta tot HErwachsere AdUlls Sllikon-Beatmungsmaske Silicone resuscitation mask PEEP Ventil PEEP valve | Handscmaufe I Hand strap HUM HUM Gescllscnsn fur Homtcarc und MedUintechnik mbH 2iMnPler70 I D 44536 lunen FON ♦ 49 <0)2 31/88 08 85-0 I FAX 4 49 (0>2 31/ 88 08 S5-S8 Mall: saies»hum online de l nttp:/zwww AEROteg* - BeatnungtitieuM VV BB0V06_a l Stand 18.08 Z015I Revision 5 AERObag® - Hyperventilation Mask (single use/disposable) The hyperventilation mask is used for...

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Product overview - Manual Resuscitators I Resuscitation Masks I PEEP Valves AERObag® - Silicone - Manual Resuscitators    AERObag® - PVC - Manual Resuscitators Spare Parts Item-No. HBB06-RB600 HBB06-RB2500 HBB06-DV30 HSS11-2 HBB06-HS HPV06-10 HPV06-20 Item-No.    Description HBB05-E    AERObag® - BB05-E, manual resuscitator, silicone, adults HBB05-K    AERObag® - BB05-K, manual resuscitator, silicone, children HBB05-B    AERObag® - BB05-B, manual resuscitator, silicone, infants HBB05-RB2500 AERObag® - RB05-2500, reservoir bag 2500 ml, PVC HBB05-DV    AERObag® - DV05, Diverter / PEEP valve...

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