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AEROcase® The new face

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Quality with recognition factor Emergency Medical Service Plus Professional Emergency and Transport Cases

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The innovative “EASY Clean hygiene concept” The concept is based upon the demand for means of rescue which are easy to treat for cleaning, so maintenance periods are kept short. This is an elementary demand when the protection and health of patients and rescue personnel are at stake. Due to the applied ultrasonic welding technology, the standard backpack and the standard bag have no hook and loop surfaces inside, no open seams nor inner zippers. They can be completely flooded with liquid and are thus fully disinfectable and easy to clean. The keyword is: “hygiene management” The backpack...

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EROcase® - What you are going to get ... Handmade rescue backpacks and bags “Made in Germany” conceived for the toughest conditions in the rescue service. Thanks to the innovative “EASY Clean Hygiene Concept”, cleaning is easy and service readiness is fast. The material Tarpaulin material AEROtex® - PlanPRO : Disinfectable, tear and abrasion resistant and environmentally friendly recyclable. “Durability even under the toughest operating conditions.” Our luminous red tarpaulin AEROtex® - PlanPRO was specially manufactured in RAL 3024. This complies to the fluorescent red of the standard DIN...

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Magnetic Modular System What exactly does this mean? Ferromagnatic plates are incorporated following a specific grid pattern and give the colour-coded modular inner bags, which incorporate magnets, a secure hold. This allows a clear and individual organization of your backpack or bag. Thanks to the modular system, the interior of the bag / backpack can be produced without loops and hook and loop tapes, absouletly resitant against dirt. Therefore, the risk of contamination by germs is significantly reduced. EROcase® - PRObag How is tlie grid rtmftinxl?    4 horizontal All AEROcase® - PROpack...

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The grid in the lower and upper shell Depending on the model, our emergency backpacks and bags have either a lower shell or an upper and lower shell with integrated grid with magnetic technology. Depending on the inner dimensions of the upper and lower shell, you can equip the backpacks or bags with modular bags in different heights EROcase® - PROpack Lower shell Upper shell Side view EROcase® - PRObag Lower shell Side view Upper shell

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PROpack - Customisable basic models EROcase® - PROpack Emergency backpacks PROpack GT | GTB | GTS | GTA I The models at a glance PROpack GT • Lower shell Lower shell Upper shell • Lower shell • Upper shell • pper shell with two flat front U compartments Lower shell • Lower shell • id with quick access slot and L additional fr

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Colour example with reflective stripes Displayed colours only as an example of AEROcase® - PROpack GTB Front in black or white Back always white

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Customisable basic models Colour example with luminous yellow reflective stripes Displayed colours only as an example of AEROcase® - PROpack GTB Front in black or luminous yellow Back always in luminous yellow

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Front Displayed colours only as an example of AEROcase® - PROpack GTB EROcase® - Individual signage Identification labels Stable and durable hard-foil labels for signage of the rescue backpacks and modular bags according to their purpose of use. On request, the backpack can be customized with your logo or an imprinted text. Your logo Your text

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/■EROcase® - PRObag Dimensions:* J- approx. 40.8 x 29.8 x 17.5 cm Weight: approx. 1.61 kg Volume: 0 approx. 25 L AEROtex®- PlanPRO All life-saving equipment can be stored in the differently coloured module cases, including the two ampoule cases (Baby/ Intox), for well-organised emergency operations. Upon request, the PRObags are also available as customisable models. More Information can be found in the product overview. /■EROcase® - PRObag Baby Baby emergency equipment Emergency bag for medical equipment according to DIN 13232, Part C Children. 3 different module cases and one ampoule...

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Poisoning Emergency bag for use in case of poisoning. The emergency bag PRObag Intox can be used for operations in case of poisonings. All necessary instruments and disposable materials for large volume accesses, as well as infusions and enough specific medications, can be stored inside the bag. Colour-coded according to the different functional groups. [13cml Lower shell • Universal    tv • Universal    IV (scm) Upper shell • Ampoule case    H (4 x 4) 54 slots (upgradeable to 72 slots) Emergency bag for the storage of surgical instruments. The instruments can be stored inside the 4 module...

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Customisable modular bags The modular bags For the configuration of the interior you can choose from a wide range of modular bags in 9 different sizes (grid pattern), with which the interior can be gaplessly equipped. The module bags can be colour-coded and configured individually in accordance to their operational use. Depending on the grid type (horizontal or vertical), they are placed in the interior of the bag/backpack and held in place magnetically. Horizontal modular bags Vertical modular bags These modular bags, in accordance with the grid, can be placed horizontally in the interior....

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Configurable for every purpose of use A newly developed modular system for high demands. No more standard modular bags suitable only for one single purpose. Configure your individual modular bags according to your needs from various components. Fast, flexible and easily adjustable without much effort for any bag and backpack equipping. Body with elastic loops in the bottom, available in 9 different sizes r Divider for buttoning (on both sides), available with net, elastic loop variations or transparent pockets w Lid outside, available in 7 different colours (RAL) e Lid inside, available...

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