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AEROpart® Oxygen-accessories

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The Supplier of Oxygen Comfortable | Safe | Excellent care

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AEROpart® - Oxygen masks | Inhalation sets The soft material (vinyl) guarantees a maximum comfort. Three or six channel kink safe tubing and connection adapters assure high security during the application. The strap or ear clip of the nasal cannulas as well as the adjustable nose clip of the masks ensure a comfor­able fit. The aerosol inhalation sets are additionally equipped t with a standard nebulizer. Options For children and adults, with nose clip and 2 m / 2.1 m kink safe tubing / transparent/clear Aerosol-Inhalation sets

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AEROpart® - O2-Cannulas Premature infant | Neonates | Infants | Toddler | Children | Adults Also available with 0.33 m O2- safety tubing for a patient-side application with FireSafe™ - adaptors ideal for long-term use Options Straight nasal tip Curved nasal tips With 1.5 m safety tubing incl. ear clip with 2 m safety tubing with 2 m safety tubing AEROpart® - O2-Tubes | Adapters / Connectors Safety tubing, clear, available in different lengths Options O2-Safety tubing Safety tubing, clear available in following lenghts 0.33 / 2.1 / 7.5 / 10 / 15 m available in following lenghts 0.33 / 2.0 /...

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® AEROpart Oxygen-accessories AEROpart® - Humidifiers Humidifiers for use in oxygen therapy. Different models: Different capacities | Inlet UNF 9/16" or G 3/8" | Disposable or reusable Autoclavable 250 ml UNF 9/16" (also in G 3/8" available) AEROpart® - Sterile water Sterile, pyretogeneticfree water, 1000 ml for Inhalation and humidification. Refill bottle for manual refilling With sterile lid for usage with auto feed systems

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AEROpart® - Holder for Sterile Water Systems and Humidifiers Holder of transparent acrylic glass for humidifiers or sterile water systems. Consisting of basic box and exchangeable template covers | With improved platform of 13 x 13 cm | Additional eyelets for fixing Available either as set consisting of basic box and template cover or individually. Magnetic application Template cover for AEROpart® - AB1-916E (humidifier 140 ml) Template cover for AEROpart® - AB1-916 and AB1- 916HF (humidifier 350 ml) Template cover for sterile water systems Respiflo 325 ml, Aquapak 340 and 650 ml, STER-O2...

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AEROpart® - SM01 Oxygen masks with 2.1 m safety tubing, phthalat-free Item-No.    Description AEROpart® - AI11 Aerosol Inhalation Sets with mask, nebulizer and 2 m safety tubing Item-No.    Description HAI11-E    Aerosol inhalation set for adults HAI11-K    Aerosol inhalation set for children HSB01-S    02-Cannulas for adults with 2.1 m saftey tubing, phthalat-free AEROpart® - SB02 O2-Cannulas, curved nasal tip, phthalat-free, supersoft Item-No.    Description HSB02-S-0.33 O2-Cannula for adults with 0.33 m safety tubing HSB02-S    O2-Cannula for adults with 2.1 m safety tubing HSB02-S-K...

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Product overview - Oxygen accessories AEROpart® - Humidifiers I Sterile water I Adapters / Connectors AEROpart® - AB Humidifiers, disposable or autoclavable Item-No.    Description AEROpart® - STW 1000 Sterile water Item-No.    Description HSTW03-1000FLD Sterile water, refill bottle for manual refilling, 1000 ml HSTW03-1000FLDG Sterile water, with sterile lid, 1000 ml HWF01    Water trap for oxygen therapy, connectors for 6 mm safety tubings HSTW01-H-GSU1 Sterile water systems Respiflo 325 ml, Aquapak 340 and 650 ml, STER-O2 350 and 550 ml AEROpart® - Halterungen (Grundbox und...

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