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AEROpart® Oxygen cylinders Customer information Oxygen cylinders Bottle valve Sauerstoff-Flaschen • Measure | Weight | Volume • Example for imprinting • Specification • Previous bottle valve | Residual pressure valve

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AEROpart® - Medical oxygen cylinders with residual pressure valve Available from us! Duty since 2012! Why using a residual pressure valve? Problem: The gas cylinder often are drained completely and the cylinder valve doesn’t get closed. Consequence: The treatment of surface on the inside of the gas cylinder will contaminate concerning the air intrusion. Thereby the filling of gas cylinders is not possible till the refurbishment of the cylinder inside. This causes needless costs. Solution: Residual pressure valve! For reasons of safety residual pressure valves with circumvention of the...

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AEROpart® - Bottle valves Bottle valve (previous standard) Residual pressure valve (duty 2012) Types of bottle valves • Pin index • Small conical valves • Big conical valve • Furthermore available with residual pressure valves Outlet G 3/4“ with pressure spring Technical Data • Pi-Approval (TPED) • BAM tested in accordance with ISO 10297 • Oxygen fire safety BAM tested • Temperature range from -40°C to +70°C Advantage over a residual pressure valve: • The residual pressure valve ensures that the gas container won’t drain completely. Thereby the ambient air can’t flew in and soil the...

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AEROpart® - Examples for imprinting on oxygen cylinders Illustration of imprinting on an oxygen cylinder / -engraving (meanderings are possible). Proof pressure First manufacture stamp (Year/Month) Inspection stamp Supply pressure Registration Nr. 15 of the international code Dead weight Basic material information Guaranteed minimum thickness Sign of design approval Stamp for non destructive testing Bottle screw thread Gas Oxygen cylinder stamp after (ISO 13769:2002); German socket EN ISO 13769:2006 Gesellschaft für Homecare und Medizintechnik mbH Zum Pier 79 | D-44536 Lünen FON +49 (0)2...

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