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AEROresc® EASY Collar | Cervical Collar

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EASY Collar | Cervical Collar Immobilization Immobilizing and safeguarding the cervical spine

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EASY Collar | Cervical Collar Easy Handling 2 versions: Mini | Adult AEROresc® - EASY Collar | Cervical Collar The AEROresc® - EASY Collar is a size adjustable cervical collar intended for safe immobilization of the cervical spine. It reliably restricts the freedom of movement of the cervical spine and takes over it stabilizing function. The fine grid of both models assures easy and individual size adjustment even beyond standard sizes. Due to its self-raising chin support the cervical collar could be given a flat design and can easily be stored with minimum space requirements. With only 2...

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Scope of Delivery EASY Collar I Cervical Collar AEROresc® - EASY Collar I Cervical Collar Product Code    Description HIMT11-EC-K    AEROresc® - EASY Collar Mini, cervical collar for infants, children and small adults, SU = 20 pcs. HIMT11-EC-E    AEROresc® - EASY Collar Adult, cervical collar for adults, SU = 20 pcs. HUM HUM Gesellschaft fur Homecare und Medizintechnik mbH Zum Pier 79 | D-44536 Lunen FON +49 (0)2 31/ 88 08 85-0 I FAX +49 (0)2 31/ 88 08 85-58 Mail: I AEROresc® - EASY Collar I Cervical Collar PP-AERORESC-EC_en I Status 18.08.2016 I...

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