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AEROresc® EASY Splints | Universal Splints

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AEROresc® - EASY Splint Set 1 Leicht und kompakt / Light weight and compact • Wiederverwendbar / Reuseabte • Rontgenstrahldurchlassig / Radtotucent • Wasserfest / Waleipioof AEBOtesc“ F6Sy Spun*AEROresc Llscnienen ■PROreSC®'Splint r > AEROrBSC y^psatsdiKinen    / Immobilization Immobilization and safeguarding of fractures and sporting injuries

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® AEROresc Universal Splint | Set AEROresc® - EASY Splints Universal Splints for immobilization of almost every human limb and the cervical spine. Made of light weight and radiolucent materials: Surface of plastic foam (IPXE), patient side „blue“, outside „yellow“ - the core is made of a figurine aluminium conglomeration. EASY Splints - Splints for almost every application area. Advantages • Structured surface on the patient side ensures a secure grip and better air circulation • Liquid-repellent (blood, secretion, perspiration) • Radiolucent • Flexible: Roll- and foldable Better air...

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The Models - Single universal splints, packed rolled EASY Splint Xtra Small | Finger The XS-splint is a small universal splint, which can be used for immobilization of small, injured limbs. Measurements: 5 x 11 cm | Weight: 80 g EASY Splint Medium | rolled A majority of immobilization treatments can be covered with the medium splint. Measurements: 50 x 11 cm | Weight: 80 g EASY Splint Xtra Large | rolled The XL version offers boundless possibilities regarding immobilization purposes. Measurements: 100 x 11 cm | Weight: 160 g Universal Splint Set - Every splint size in one set EASY Splint...

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Product overview Splints I Universal Splints AEROresc® - EASY Splints Item.-No. HIMT02-SP-XS HIMT02-SP-M HIMT02-SP-XL Description AEROresc® - EASY Splint XS, yellow / blue AEROresc® - EASY Splint M, yellow / blue, rolled AEROresc® - EASY Splint XL, yellow / blue, rolled AEROresc® - EASY Splint SET1 Item.-No.    Description HIMT02-SP-SET1    AEROresc® - EASY Splint SET1, nylon, yellow AEROresc® - EASY Splint SET1 | Single Splints to Refill the Set Item.-No. HIMT02-SP-XS HIMT02-SP-M-SET HIMT02-SP-XL-SET Description AEROresc® - EASY Splint XS, yellow / blue AEROresc® - EASY Splint M, yellow /...

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