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AEROsuc® EASY Home 1 | EASY Home 2

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AEROsuc®- EASY Homel terns or Life Electric Suction Pumps Powerful I Quiet I Mobile

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Multi-purpose Operating Conditions • Homecare    • Nursing Home AEROsuc® - EASY Home 1 I EASY Home 2 Medical electrically driven suction pumps which can be used both in medical institutions (such as hospitals) and tor home care to remove secretions and fluids from the respiratory tract and infection material from wounds. High-performance and smooth, sanitarily safe and user-friendly. Available versions are mains operated "Easy Home 1" and "Easy Home 2" with integrated accumulator. Enhanced mobility for the user • Lightweights (2.4 and respectively 2.6 kg) • Battery-supplied operation (Easy...

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Clearly laid out control panel All control elements combined on one panel • Dip-switch for easy on/off function • Battery status display • Manometer displays bar and mmHg • Stageless adjustment of vacuum Double hygiene concept 1. Suction jar with overflow protector • 1000 ml capacity • Filling level (100 ml steps) • Lockable opening in lid for quick emptying and sample taking • Patient connection lockable • Easy cleaning • Multiple use, single patient 2. Suction filter • Protection from contermination

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Product overview Electric Suction Pumps AEROsuc® - EASY Home 1 | EASY Home 2 Item-No. Dimensions (WxHxD) AEROsuc® - EASY Home 1 , Electric Suction Pump, AC power version AEROsuc® - EASY Home 2 , Electric Suction Pump, DC rechargeable battery version AEROsuc® - Equipment and spare parts Item-No. AEROsuc® - Suction connecting tube, 1.80 m with funel connectors AEROsuc® - AU11-FT, Fingertip/suction stop, with finger hole and plug AEROsuc® - Silicone suction tube set, ID 8 mm / OD 14 mm, 150 mm, 2 pcs AEROvent® - Suction filter AC/DC power adapter, Input: 100-240 Volt ~ 50-60 Hz., 1.1 A;...

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