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AEROtube® CPAP-tubing / -tubing systems / Ventilation tubing / tubing systems / Test lungs / Catheter Mounts

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CPAP-tubing | -tubing systems Ventilation tubing / tubing systems | Test lungs Catheter Mounts Ventilation Management Systems and components for the ventilation of the respiratory system

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® AEROtube Ventilation Management AEROtube® - CPAP Universal 22 mm tubing and tubing systems with 22 mm cuffs available in lengths between 0.60 m and 2.70 m made of high quality plastomer suitable for most common CPAP devices. Extreme flexible and safe • Spiral coiled for an absolute kink safety • No flow interruption • Constant tubing diameter • 22 mm available in following length: 600 | 1800 | 2000 | 2700 mm • 15 mm available in following length: 1800 mm • Smooth interior surfaces minimize fluid retention and reduce bacteria growth • Gas sterilizable up to 75 °C Smooth flexible cuff •...

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AEROtube® - Universal tubing systems PVC spiral coiled tubing and tubing systems available in 1.80 m with 22 mm diameter and 22 mm cuffs. The universal tubing systems are equipped with a valve regulation hose and optionally with a pressure regulation hose available. Transparent tubing • Monitoring of the complete system Soft flexible cuffs • Perfect sealing Spiral reinforced • Extremely flexible • Completely resistant to kinking Smooth interior surfaces • Minimize fluid retention • Reduce bacteria growth Types With Valve regulation hose with expiratory connector 22 mm OD with expiratory...

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Two colors for easy detection and observation of necessary test lung exchange AEROtube®Ventilation Management AEROtube® - Testlungen The AEROtube® - Test lungs are medical-technical additives, which can be used for the simple check-up of ventilation devices (incl. tubing systems). Because of the easy handling the test lungs can be used for the daily but also for the yearly (in association with the maintenance) check-up. Test lungs in 2 different colors available: blue or white Advantages • latexfree • autoclavable up to 120 °C • easy handling • user friendly • stable housing (test lung...

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AEROtube® - Disposable Catheter Mounts Catheter mounts with a fixed length of 180 mm (PE) or extendable catheter mounts in different lengths between 90 - 140 mm or 110 - 180 mm (PP) for single use only. Catheter Mounts from PE and PP suction port • PE - Polyethylene | PP - Polypropylene (extendable) • Transparent tube for easy monitoring of the whole system • Suction-port (blue cap) Suction or Bronchoskopy • Standardized patient connector 22M-15F | 22 F or 15 M • Inlet connector 22F or 15M • 90° double swivel connector • Duration of use: 48 hours 90° double swivel connector 22M-15F Types...

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® AEROtube Ventilation Management AEROtube® - Ventilation tubing systems (disposable or reusable) • PE corrugated tubing • PVC and silicone tubings with spiral reinforced walls - smoothbore • Coaxial tubing system Product example Tubing diameter and patient type • 22 mm version for adults • 15 mm version for children • 10 mm version for neonates Tubing lengths • different options available (fix length | extendable) corrugated tubing corrugated tubing - extendable - Spiral coiled tubing Connectors Y-connectort Y-connector straight water trap Pressure and temperature port Luer Lock / CO²-port...

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Coaxial ventilation tubing systems For application in anesthaesia and emergency medicine. The PE coaxial tubing system unites 2 hoses in one (Inspiration- and expiration hose). An advantage of this system is that the inspiratory gas is being heated by exhaled air of the patient. Adavantages • Extremely kink safe • Lightweight • Comfortable patient ventilation extremely kink safe • Storage space saving and safe during application • Single use only, reduced risk of cross contamination also available with water trap or internal gas sampling line Smoothbore PVC and silicone tubing Flexible...

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Range of products - Ventilation Management AEROtube® - CPAP tubing / -tubing systemse 22 mm CPAP-tubing with 22 mm cuffs Item-No.    Description AEROtube® - Coaxial breathing system Item-No.    Description HBSS12-    AEROtube® - BSS12-150E1C1-254, Coaxial breathing system 1.50 m for 150E1C1-254    adults, with 22F connections, 90° elbow connector with CO2 port, without gas sampling line HBSS12-    AEROtube® - BSS12-150E1C1-254, Coaxial breathing system 1.80 m for 180E1C1-254    adults, with 22F connections, elbow connector with CO2 port, without gas sampling line AEROtube® - Test lung...

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