AEROuse - Examination and Protective Gloves | Rescue Sheet - 4 Pages

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AEROuse - Examination and Protective Gloves | Rescue Sheet

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AEROuse tort-Kaltekompresse tant Cold Compress 1 Compress irrstantanee horde tan    fjood-koudkompres fl5xr7cm) —— ~*^&SSSSSS£JS&~ b    veretulldiiqMi. venekKIngen. kncuflngen. nUrl for Life* Gold/Si/bt AEROuse - Rettungsdecke GS1 D Rettungsdecke    BG CnacnTenHa 3aanBK GB Rescue sheet    CZ Izotermicka fofie F Cooverture de survie GR KaAuppa didawons I    Coperta isotermica    PL    Koc ratunkowy First Aid and Infection Protection Reliable protection and quick help

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First Aid and Infection Protection AEROuse - EASY Gloves Nitrile Premium Guard Disposable examination and protective gloves made of nitrile for safe and hygienic examination of contagious patients, for cleaning work with chemicals and antiseptics or for usage in laboratories. Extra long cuffs latex free | powder-free | non-sterile All features at a glance • Beaded cuff - reliable grip, easy and quick to put on and take off • Exceptionally elastic, durable and tear-proof • Fingers textured - excellent grip and excellent tactile sensation • Great fit and high wearing comfort • Recommendable...

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AEROuse - Rescue Sheet High quality aluminum coated rescue sheet, for use in first aid to protect casualties against hypothermia, moisture, wind or sunrays. Belongs in every first aid kit. Features D Rettungsdecke GB Rescue sheet F Couverture de survie E Manta termica P Manta isotermica I Coperta isotermica NL Reddingsdeken DK Redningsdaekken BG CnacuTenHa 3aBMBKa CZ Izotermicka folie GR KdAuppa Siaawans SE Raddningsfilt HU Mentofolia PL Koc ratunkowy SK Izotermicka folia FI Suojapeite • Extremely thin and tear-resistant • Highly reflective • Prevents heat loss • Protects against...

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For the relief of pain and swelling from sprains, strains, contusions, minor burns etc. Features • Immediate intensive cold without pre-cooling • Easy activation by compression • Water and urea based • Single-use Fields of application • Company medical kit acc. DIN 13157 | DIN 13169 • Medical and rescue services • Free time and sports • Private household Delivery programme - Examination and Protective Gloves I Rescue Sheet I Instant Cold Compress AEROuse - EASY Gloves Nitrile Premium Guard HHS01-PG-PF3-B-S    AEROuse -    EASY    Gloves    Nitrile Premium    Guard HHS01-PG-PF3-B-M...

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