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AEROvent® Bacterial and viral filters

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® AEROvent Medical filters Safety through medical filter systems Wide product range of medical filters

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AEROvent® - Bacterial and viral filters with HME I Ventilation filters Electrostatic bacterial and viral filters with heat and moisture exchanger (HME), equipped with Luer-Lock port for CO2 measuring. Efficient ventilation filters for filtration as well as heating and humidification of the respiratory air. Reliable contamination control combined with a gentle respiratory gas conditioning. Complete product line available in 3 sizes: Adults I Children | Neonates AEROvent® - HFLS Adults • Tidal volume range (VT): 150 - 1500 ml • Humidity output: 31 mg H2O/l at VT 500 ml • Flow resistance: 1.1...

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AEROvent® - Bacterial and viral filters | Ventilation filters Electrostatic bacterial and viral filters for ventilation or rather the protection of the ventilation device. Available with or without Luer-Lock port for CO2 measuring. These compact „slimline“ filters are outstanding because of their combination of low weight and high efficiency. • Lightweight - low tractive force onto the patient connection • Very low deadspace - minimizes the threat of rebreathing • Flow resistance: 0.9 mbar at 30 l/min • Transparent - easy visualization of potential blockades • Tidal volume range (VT): 90 -...

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® AEROvent Medical filters AEROvent® - Bacterial and viral filters | Device protection filters Bacterial and viral filters for a reliable protection against infection and contamination of medical devices. Various device protection filters have been designed for the different requirements within ventilation, aerosol- and oxygen therapy, spirometry and suction. Device protection filters for suction devices • Media: hydrophobic PTFE-membrane • Housing: styrolux (clear) Effective filtration area: 24.6 cm2 Max. flow: 30 l/min Effective filtration area: 24.6 cm2 ultrasonic nebulizers and...

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Device intake filters for oxygen concentrators | HEPA-filters HEPA-filters (High Efficiency Particulate Air Filter) for nearly every established oxygen concentrator. The high flow, the low resistance as well as the high efficiency against particles qualify the intake filters particularly for the use in oxygen concentrators. The long life filters are as well made for a longer life expectancy compared to the „regular intake filters“. AEROvent® - Intake • Flow resistance: 1.4 mBar at 30 l/min • Flow resistance: 0.32 mBar at 10 l/min • Housing: polypropylene • Housing: K-Resin Life expectancy...

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AEROvent®Medical filters Bacterial outlet filter for oxygen concentrators AEROvent® - BAF • Filtration efficiency: BFE / VFE - 99.999 % • Connection: 3 mm - 6 mm, conical (both sides) • Housing: polypropylene Device filters for oxygen concentrators AEROvent® - Fine and Foam The filters that are different for each device previously filter rough particles out of the air. The partially used felt discs and silencers are used directly infront of the intake filter. Fine filters / felt discs for oxygen concentrators Manufacturer Air Sep DeVilbiss / Pari NPB and Euros - Linde...

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Filter exchange sets for oxygen concentrators In addition to the separate filters we also offer you a wide range of filter exchange sets. These can include intake and outlet filters, fine and foam filters, as well as adapters, depending on the device. Examples of filter sets For Millenium M5 (Respironics) Intake filter Intake filter Bacterial outlet filter Silencer Further filter sets are available for the following manufacturer‘s devices: • Resmed • Weinmann • Invacare • DeVilbiss and many more Foam filter Device filters for CPAP- and homecare devices AEROvent® - Fine and Foam High quality...

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Delivery programme - Bacterial and Viral Filters AEROvent® - Filters for ventilation | device protection Bacterial- / Viral- / Device protection filters (electrostatic filters, single packed) Description AEROvent® - HFLS, HME Bacterial and viral filter, with CO2-Port, ISO connection: 22M/15F- 22F/15M filtration efficiency: BFE / VFE 99.999 % | Weight: 23 g AEROvent® - HFLP, HME Bacterial and viral filter, with CO2-Port, ISO connection: 22M/15F- 15M, filtration efficiency: BFE / VFE 99.999 % | Weight: 18 g AEROvent® - HFLN, HME Bacterial and viral filter, with CO2-Port, ISO connection: 15F -...

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