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Accessories Hanger for air mattress pump Attachment to hold air mattress pump. To be Side rails 1/2 side rail mounted on the footend of the bed. Part no: : 72791 Part no.: PUMPBKT Side rails 1/4 side rail Care Assist Rail Designed to help patients safely in and out of bed. Part no.: 90702 Side rails Split side rail (½ + ¼ length side rail) Part no: 72792 Push handle The push handle can be mounted on the foot end of the bed to improve the operation of the bed. Part no: 90708 (Included in the product for FloorLine-i Plus, accessory for FloorLine-i) IV pole (adjustable in height) Adjustable IV pole that can be mounted on both ends of the bed. Part no.: IVP Side rails 3/4 side rail Part no: 72793 Bumper The bumper protects the head of the bed and are mounted on the lower support bracket between the wheels. Part no: 90705 (FloorLine LTC) Part no: 90706 (FloorLine-i and FloorLine-i Plus) Extension kit Extension kit that extends the bed, with 175 mm to 2175 mm to accommodate more people. Part no.: 90709 (FloorLine LTC) Part no.: 90701 (FloorLine-i and FloorLine-i Plus) Oxygen Holder An attachment for placing an oxygen bottle in C size. Swing-away trapeze The free-standing swing-away trapeze allows patient to reposition themselves. No tools needed for assembling. Part no.: 896 Bed Raising Block (60 pcs/ box) The bed raising block is used for a simple way to raise or lower the seating or lying surface on beds, headboards, chairs or tables. May be stacked maximum 4 on top of each other. Self help pole The self-help pole helps patients to get up in the bed and change positions. Bed solutions that provide reliability, high quality and innovation. Every step of the way. Ring for Bed Raising Block The bed raising block can be complemented with the ring 895-1 for rounded and narrow legs (less than 35 mm) to obtain a solid filled block. Part no : SHP600 (FloorLine LTC) Part no: 90700 (FloorLine i and FloorLine-i Plus)

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