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The Altair Overhead Lift The Roomer S Overhead Lift Safe and simple bed-to-chair transfers Easily moved from room to room Comfortable 3 point sling attachment Available in 3 weight capacities (330, 485, & 660 lbs) Seamless transfer between tracks, such as bedroom to bathroom, without lowering of the user Unique transfer system preserves doorways and eliminates need for costly home modification Available in 485 lbs. weight capacity Rail Systems Human Care Slings Human Care Lift Systems Human Care lift systems are an ideal solution for the transfers taking place in the home and can allow caregivers to provide users safe and easy access throughout and between rooms. Custom designed to suit your specific lift and access needs, capable of reaching all areas of the home Discreet, low profile tracks may be ceiling, wall, or floor mounted Seamless and easy installation by certified professional installers Freestanding gantry options also available Broad range of anatomically designed slings provide user specific fit and application Variety of materials and accessories to ensure user comfort for your dependent or family member Over 2

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Manually repositioning or transferring patients and users to and from bed exposes caregivers to unnecessary strain and risk of injury. An overhead lift system makes this task easier not only for caregivers, but also provides a safer and more comfortable transfer for the user. • • • • Reduced strain and risk of injury Added safety and comfort for the user More dignified for user Access to areas floor lifts cannot reach The Benefits of the Human Care Lift System An overhead lift system is the best possible aid for moving a patient HUMAN CARE USA 4210 S. Industrial Drive, Suite 160 Austin, TX...

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