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Our Floorline i Plus is a complete care management solution. With its extensive positioning, electronic CPR function and an open bus digital control box that allows for future upgrades, the Floorline i Plus floor level bed offers the highest level of care combined with the maximum versatility. Clinical and Patient Benefits The Floorline i Plus floor level bed is the perfect solution for preventing fall injuries in hospitals and acute care facilities. The bed lowers to a distance of 10cm/4” from the floor and raises to a working height of up to 80cm/31.5” to help promote existing safe patient initiatives and caregiver safety. At a distance of 10cm from the floor, the patient rolls out of the bed instead of falling, avoiding the dangerous and costly implications associated with a fall. In addition, the need for extra monitoring of these at risk patients is greatly decreased, adding to overall financial benefits for the hospital as less staffing is required. Optimal Features The Floorline i Plus features standard positions such as Trendelenburg, reverse Trendelenburg and electronic cardiac positioning. With a full assortment of accessories, a built-in technology that allows for future upgrades, and durable LINAK electronics, the Floorline i Plus is a complete care management solution. Quality Our products are designed and manufactured to meet all the requirements of relevant standards. At every stage of the development process, every single product is given extensive attention in design, development and manufacturing. This means that a user of this product feels confident with its reliability and the caregiver feels confident with its safety. HUMAN CARE AUSTRALIA Unit 4, 49 Bertie Street Port Melbourne, VIC 3207 Phone : +61 1300 132 736 Fax : + 61 (03) 9645 4954 info.au@humancaregroup.com HUMAN CARE CANADA 10-155 Colonnade Road Ottawa, ON K2E 7K1 Phone: +613.723.6734 Fax: +613.723.1058 info.ca@humancaregroup.com HUMAN CARE UNITED STATES 8006 Cameron Road, Suite K Austin, TX 78754 Phone: +512.476.7199 Fax: +512.476.7190 info.us@humancaregroup.com

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Features IV Pole Adjustable height. Can be mounted on either end of bed. Maximum SWL 7kg/ 15.4lb. Part no. IVP Care Assist Rail Designed to assist patients safely in and out of a bed. Ergonomic design. Part no. 90702 Extension Kit Extends bed by 175cm/7” for taller patients. Part no. 90701 Self Help Pole Assists patient moving within confines of bed. Maximum SWL 75kg/165.3lb. Part no. 90700 Push Handle Push handle can be mounted on the foot end of the bed for easy operation. Replacement Part no. 90708 Side Rails Available in 1/4 size (Part no. 72790), 1/2 size (Part no. 72791), Split...

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