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HUMAN CARE Your Life. Your Way. rue floor level beds

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Introducing the new true floor level beds The cost of fall related injuries is huge for both health care systems and the society. Fall injuries are without doubt the biggest problem in hospital care today. Serious fall injuries lead to extended hospital stay and increased cost for hospitals or care providers. These injuries also have physical and psychological effects on patients, from severe pain and loss of confidence after a bed fall to permanent loss of mobility. Ten centimeters (four inches). That is the difference between falling – or rolling – out of bed! So small a distance, yet so...

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FloorLine-i Plus – a complete care management solution The aestheticly appealing FloorLine-i Plus is not just a bed, it is a complete care management solution. With its extensive range of features such as trendelenburg, cardiac chair position and electronic CPR function, the FloorLine-i Plus offers the best possible care. With its open bus digital ­control box it is also future proofed for adding even more accessories. The FloorLine-i Plus is also the perfect solution for preventing fall injuries. Its minimum height from the floor is just 99 mm (3,9”). At the same time no compromises are...

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