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Introduction We produce and provide lifting solutions for people with special needs. Our products are made to serve as a natural part of life to all our users. Human Care has a proud history in patient care. Since being founded in 1993, our twenty years of experience is expressed through a broad selection of premium products offering high customer value and satisfying all customer needs. Our main product areas are: Healthcare Beds, Mobility Aids, Lifting Solutions, Convertible Chairs, and Bathroom Safety Products for people with reduced mobility. With headquarters in Stockholm, Sweden, and...

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Your Life. Your Way. That is what we have been offering people with reduced mobility for over 20 years. Your Life. Your Way. Our focus is simple. We work for our users. Our products serve to be a natural part of life to anyone who might need them. Meeting that need is what drives and motivates us. Our mission is to improve the quality of care for people with special needs. Being taken care of by someone else – to literally be in someone else’s hands – is a special situation. It demands trust, respect, a fine touch and – not least – safety for both user and caregiver. Our solutions provide...

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Our mission is to improve the quality of care and freedom of movement for people with special needs A user of a product from Human Care is a person who feels very confident with the product’s quality and reliability. At all times. Every step of the way. The reason behind this is our profound commitment to safety, quality and usability. Firstly, our products are designed and manufactured to meet the requirement of relevant ISO and EN standards. Secondly, every single product is given extensive attention at every stage of the design process. Thirdly, in developing our products, our design...

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Floor-level-beds Human Care´s electric floor-level-beds help alleviate safety concerns and are also a convenient way of taking care of patients and residents in hospitals and nursing/long-term care facilities. Placed at a true floor level they provide a vital care factor for those who may be at risk of falling out of bed and when raised they provide an ergonomically safe working height for any caregiver.

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The aesthetically appealing FloorLine-i Plus The FloorLine-i Plus is the perfect FloorLine-/ Plus Floor-level-bed for hospital environment • A complete management solution • Maximum height adjustable • Future proofed for the addition of accessories. is a complete care management solution. With its extensive range of features such as trendelenburg, cardiac chair position and electronic CPR function, this bed offers our highest level of care. With its open bus digital control box it is also future proofed for adding even more accessories. solution for preventing fall injuries. Its minimum...

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The FloorLine-i is a sound purchas The FloorLine-i is a optimal floor-level-bed FloorLine-/ Floor-level-bed for use in hospitals and long-term care facilities • Minimum height from the floor of only 10 cm • Can be used both in hospitals and long term care facilities • Minimizes patient restraints and use of side rails offers a variety of functionality such as trendelenburg and cardiac chair position providing excellent care. solution for use both in hospitals and long-term care facilities. Its minimum height from the floor is just 10 cm (3.9”)and at the same time no compromises are made for...

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The FloorLine LTC is the perfect solution FloorLine LTC Floor-level-bed for long term care facilities • Lowest height from the floor of only 9.5 cm (3.7”) • The optimal choice for long term care • Easy to fold and store efficiently for preventing fall injuries. Its minimum height from the floor is just 9.5 cm(3.7”) providing a safe and considerate way of taking care of people who may be at risk of falling out of their bed. Europe: 90600 UK: 90602 USA: 90604 USA class 1: 90606 Australia: 90608 Europe with wooden end boards: 90601 UK with wooden end boards: 90603 USA with wooden end boards:...

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Accessories Hanger for air mattress pump Attachment to hold air mattress pump. To be Side rails 1/2 side rail: 90714 mounted on the footend of the bed. Part no.: PUMPBKT Care Assist Rail Designed to help patients safely in and out of bed. Side rails Split side rail (½ + ¼ length side rail): 90518 Push handle The push handle can be mounted on the foot end of the bed to improve the operation of the bed. Side rails 3/4 side rail: 90716 Part no: 90708 (Included in the product for FloorLine-i Plus, accessory for FloorLine-i) IV pole (adjustable in height) Adjustable IV pole that can be mounted...

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The FloorLine LTC with its home environment design is the optimal choice for long-term care facilities

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HUMAN Your Life. Your Way. UNITED STATES 4210 S. Industrial Drive, Suite 160 Austin, TX 78744 Phone: 512.476.7199 Fax: 512.476.7190

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