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The I400 Convertible Chair is a no-lift, multi-functional device that helps caregivers to more efficiently and effectively perform safe patient handling practices that can help to improve patient satisfaction, safety and dignity, and reduce pain. Its Tilt-n-Space capability and therapeutic cushioning allows increased blood circulation helping to prevent skin breakdown and other complications of immobility. Unlimited Repositioning The I400 Barton Convertible Chair is a transfer and repositioning device for patients up to 181kg/400lb that easily converts from a stretcher to an upright mobile chair in seconds. It allows a single caregiver the ability to move a patient from a bed to a chair with little effort as well as to safely reposition them to avoid further complications that may arise from immobility. With Tilt-n-Space functionality and unlimited positions including Trendelenburg, the I400 is a versatile and efficient solution that can be used for multiple patient rooms in any facility as easily as it can be used within the home. Easy Transfers The I400 Barton Convertible chair when used with the patient transfer system allows supine transfers in four easy steps (see illustrations). This not only builds confidence in both the patient and caregiver, but protects the caregiver from injury and helps drive Safe Patient Handling initiatives. Quality Our products are designed and manufactured to meet all the requirements of relevant standards. At every stage of the development process, every single product is given extensive attention in design, development and manufacturing. This means that a user of this product feels confident with its reliability and the caregiver feels confident with its safety. HUMAN CARE AUSTRALIA Unit 4, 49 Bertie Street Port Melbourne, VIC 3207 Phone : +61 1300 132 736 Fax : + 61 (03) 9645 4954 info.au@humancaregroup.com HUMAN CARE CANADA 10-155 Colonnade Road Ottawa, ON K2E 7K1 Phone: +613.723.6734 Fax: +613.723.1058 info.ca@humancaregroup.com HUMAN CARE UNITED STATES 8006 Cameron Road, Suite K Austin, TX 78754 Phone: +512.476.7199 Fax: +512.476.7190 info.us@humancaregroup.com

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PTS System Patient transfer system used for transfer to/from a bed to/from the chair. Part no. b2011a (hospital), b2001c (home) Step 1 Place the chair by the bed in the stretcher position. Headrest Adjustable in height. depth and angle for proper support. Transfer Sheets Standard or bariatric sizing. Part no. b1410 (standard), b1420 (bariatric). Step 2 Attach the bed sheet to the transfer bar. Tilt-n-Space Designed for pressure relief and positioning. Moves position without affecting body angle of patient. Castors Front: 3 Position, Rear: 2 Position. Replacement Part no.: I-b10x2-8049...

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