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Introduction We produce and provide lifting solutions for people with special needs. Our products are made to serve as a natural part of life to all our users. Human Care has a proud history in patient care. Since being founded in 1993, our twenty years of experience is expressed through a broad selection of premium products offering high customer value and satisfying all customer needs. Our main product areas are: Mobility Aids, Lifting Solutions, Healthcare Beds, Convertible Chairs, and Bathroom Safety Products for people with reduced mobility. With headquarters in Stockholm, Sweden, and...

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Content Why use lifting equipment Reducing back injuries Overhead lifts Mobile lift solutions Freestanding gantrys Rail systems Slings Sling Overview

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Your Life. Your Way. Our focus is simple. We work for our users. For more than 20 years our products have become a natural part of life to anyone who has relied on them. Our mission is to improve the quality of care and freedom of movement for people with special needs. Having to rely on someone else for your everyday mobility is a special ­situation. It demands trust and respect from both the user and the caregiver. Lifting efficiency The overhead lift system is the best possible aid for moving a patient in a nursing environment. Mounted in the ceiling, it allows floor space to remain...

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Our mission is to improve the quality of care and freedom of movement for people with special needs. We offer a variety of lifting solutions, rails and slings to optimize every purchase. Regardless if you choose a stationary ceiling lift or a lift from our extensive range of unique portable solutions, you will always benefit from reliable, efficient and high-quality products. Our lightweight rail systems and attachments have been specially developed for ease of installation, allowing for rapid and cost-efficient installation procedures. Our users are accustomed the quality and reliability...

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65% of orthopedic nurses and 58% of ICU nurses will develop debilitating back pain ending their careers. – Journal of Advanced Nursing Back Pain – A common problem Healthcare workers are among the top ten occupations for work-related musculoskeletal injuries. The most common tasks leading to injury are planned manual lifting, transfers and repositioning. Care giving facilities need to increase employee satisfaction, minimize injuries and target low employee turnover. No health professional should be exposed to unnecessary risks of injuries from lifting, moving or positioning patients. The...

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Lift Intelligence The Human Care overhead lifts collect data and information about the lift usage. This information makes it possible to ensure that the lifts are being properly used, allowing important feedback to help reduce back injuries if incorrectly used, saving costs and increasing your return on investment. The lifts also store information about service need and performance. Utilizing this information will greatly increase the product life cycle, patient and caregiver safety and diminish unnecessary costs. Human Care data application module The Human Care Data and Service...

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Overhead Lifts Stationary Lift Systems Portable Lift Systems Room-to-room Lift Systems

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Stationary Lift Systems Human Care offers a wide range of stationary lifts with different weight capacities and features. Our stationary lift systems consist of an overhead lift installed in a rail system or freestanding gantry system. Human Care lift systems are discrete, flexible and efficient. It’s a solution suitable for both acute care facilities, nursing homes or home care environments. Stationary lift systems provide high accessibility and uncluttered workspace. Human Care stationary lift system is a discrete, flexible and efficient solution

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HeliQ Discreet and contemporary design The Human Care HeliQ stationary overhead lift features a modern, discreet look that easily fits into any environment. Its small size ensures ease of use in either institutional or home care applications. The lift comes in three different models with three different weight capacities, 150 kg, 220 kg and 300 kg. It also allows optimal patient comfort with 2-point or 4-point hanger bars in different lengths to suit virtually any patient. Lift intelligence The HeliQ has the possibility to store usage and performance data. With our data and service...

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Stationary Lift Systems stationary lift system is the optimal solution for hospitals and surgical care facilities.

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Ready Track Lift The Ready Track Lift is designed to withstand the rigors of daily institutional use. With smooth, quiet operation and easy adaptability to virtually any area, it becomes an indispensable accessibility tool. Stationary lift with a weight capacity of up to 1000 lbs The Ready Track Lift is constructed with all ­ etal m gearing, triple redundant safety system, self c ­hecking circuitry, soft start/stop, upper and lower limitstops and emergency shut-offs. Avaliable in 290 kg/650 lbs operator-traverse as well as 295 kg/650 lbs and 455 kg/1000 lbs powered traverse return to...

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Portable Lift Systems Portable lifts offers a wide range of weight capacities and features. Our portable lift systems consist of a portable overhead lift installed in a rail system or freestanding gantry system. Portable lifts are easy to move between different rail systems depending on when or where they are needed. Our portable lift systems are the optimal choice for healthcare facilities where flexibility is a priority. It’s an efficient investment suitable for acute care facilities, nursing homes or home care environments. A portable lift system lets you prepare rooms with rail systems...

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Altair Reduce heavy investments Our new Altair overhead lift is a lightweight portable lift with a discreet and modern design. Its portability ensures greatly reduced asset investments, as the same lift is easily used in multiple rooms. The lift is available in three weight capacities from 150kg to 220kg and up to 300kg. The Altair can be used with either a 2, 3 or 4-point suspension. Unbeatable comfort Together with the Human Care sling range, the Altair offers unbeatable comfort. The unique telescopic hanger bar makes it possible to adjust the width according to patient needs. The 3-point...

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