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The neXus 3 has innovated the way we think about mobility. With the first ever cross-folding frame, it set the standard for future rollator design. The neXus can stand independently, even in the folded position as well as with the bag on the rollator. The frame design allows the user ample space for an ergonomic walking gait, or if needed, a slightly folded frame to pass through narrow doorways in smaller areas. Because of this unique design, the stability is not compromised, ensuring the neXus is the most reliable and safe rollator on the market. The neXus 3 features a comfortable, padded backstrap that can flip to allow for two-position seating. Available in three colour options, and with optional accessory kits, the neXus can easily be personalized to suit your tastes. Cable-free braking system The neXus is the only true cable-free rollator which not only means that there are no cables that can get caught on objects in and around the home, but also ensures years of trouble-free use as cables cannot get loose in the frame itself. Superior walking ergonomics The cross-folding design enables an ample walking space which results in the best possible walking pattern for the user. The padded, contoured, cushioned seat offers a very comfortable resting spot. For extra comfort and support a padded back rest comes as standard feature on the rollator. Technical Specifications Lightweight and easy to fold even with the bag on the rollator The cross-folding design makes the rollator very easy to fold and store. It also stands independently when folded. The soft bag comes as a standard option and folds together while remaining on the rollator. It has convenient pockets for storing items such as a tablet or mobile phone. Seat Description Part no. Handle Height min Handle Height max . , Width Width between handles Wheel size neXus 3 super low with soft bag neXus 3 Low with soft bag neXus 3 Standard with soft bag 1Add 1” for cushion, For tall handles, add “T” at end of product code. Note: All colours may not be available in all countries. Accessories Tray Practical for resting light weight items. Part no: 80702 Slow-Down Brake Prevents the rollator from moving too fast and enables a controlled walking speed for the user. Part no: 4950 Cane Holder Simplifies the transportation of a cane or umbrella. Part no: 80703 Hard Basket Basket ideal for shopping. Max capacity: 10 lbs. Part no: 4510 Gives support for the back when sitting. Included with product. Light Kit Battery operated, LED light mounts with either magnet or rubber fixture. Part no: 91091 Curb Climber Allows rollator to be slightly lifted onto a curb. Included with product. Soft Bag Soft bag that folds with the rollator. Included with product or ordered. Max capacity: 10 lbs. Part no. 80501Q5 (5 pieces). Accessory Kits Accessory kit of soft bag, back strap and handle. Purple, part no. 89991 Tartan, part no. 89992 Blue, part no: 89990 Reflector Kit Includes 30 self-adhesive reflectors (10 white, 10 silver, 5 each non-flexible red and silver. Part no: 91090 Security Lock Flex cord lock that protects rollator from theft while unattended. Includes 2 keys. Part no: 91092

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